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State Agency of Ukraine of on Exclusion Zone Management

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State Agency of Ukraine of on Exclusion Zone Management
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Of the State Exclusion Zone Agency policy on overcoming the consequences of the Chornobyl disaster and establishment of an effective system of state management on radioactive waste.

In the statement, the SEZA, as a central executive body, focuses its activities on the constant improvement of the governance quality in the area of the Chornobyl disaster, creating conditions for creative, motivated, transparent and accountable approach while implementing software production activities, technical assistance as well as corruption eradication, inaction and ineffective use of public funds.

The SEZA notices its contribution to the establishment of an effective management system by introducing advanced science and technology achievement, the finest international  practices and public consensus in Ukraine, creating a favorable investment climate (for foreign investment) based on objective, transparent and predictable processes which in any case interfere enterprises realization of their responsibility for the safe and efficient operation.

The SEZA supports the creation of such management system that is based on the principles of professionalism, responsibility for achieving the end result, safety culture, and pursuing a policy of reducing the administrative burden on enterprises that adhere to these principles.

The SEZA considers the priorities of transparency, fair-dealing and security as a guideline for the governance and practice.

The SEZA attaches key importance of transparency and objectivity of all processes, impartiality of decisions to that end:

- create conditions for enterprises and other interested parties to express their opinions, suggestions, idea and receive clear answers about their consideration;
- welcome the initiative taken by its employees, enterprises and other interested parties on the improvement of the SEZA legal framework and quality of technical solutions;
- provide public information access regarding the decisions and results of their implementation, publishes in the mass media information of proven corrupt actions and punishment of persons guilty of corruption.