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Tableau de Bord Environnemental -Madagascar

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ONE: National Environment Office
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KSS Operational Coverage
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National pour l’Environnement
BP 822
Antananarivo 101


Objectives and targets

The National Office for the Environment, through its statutory mission, manages the Environmental Information System (EIS). The main objective of this system is to monitor the state of the environment in Madagascar and its evolution. It is within this framework that the Environmental Scoreboard (TBE) is produced. It is a decision-making tool for decision-makers and economic actors at all levels, environmental managers, universities and research centers, consulting firms, students and students, Tourists, journalists and all other opinion makers. The idea is to make data and information available to assess the environmental impacts of different economic policies and activities, to guide policy makers and the activities of different actors, to raise economic awareness of environmental issues , Assess the progress and management of the environment and natural resources, and integrate economic and environmental decisions. In short, the Environmental Dashboard facilitates decision-making, helps in disseminating information, supports consultation and encourages participation.