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Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems (USRIEP)

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Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems
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Scientific community
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KSS HQ Address

6 Bakulina Street
Kharkiv Oblast


The main scientific activities USRIEP:

  • developing the foundations of the state environmental policy to ensure environmental, in t. ch. Radiation, security and maintenance of ecological balance in the surrounding environment;
  • development of legal, regulatory, economic and institutional framework of environmental management;
  • developing environmental programs and standards, comprehensive environmental measures, impact assessment on the environment (EIA), solving scientific problems of environmental impact assessment and environmental audit;
  • development of scientific bases of control and ecological state of water bodies, river basins and reservoirs;
  • scientific, methodological, metrological instrument, software and information, legal and organizational support environmental monitoring;
  • pryrodo- comprehensive development and water conservation measures at the regional, sectoral level and at the level of individual companies and facilities management;
  • study the impact of industrial and agricultural facilities on the quality of surface and underground water and drainage, drafting protect groundwater and water intakes from contamination;
  • development of systems and methods for treatment of industrial and municipal solid waste;
  • analysis of air pollution and develop measures for its protection;
  • reserve management and conservation of biological diversity;
  • scientific support networks of natural areas to be protected;
  • scientific and methodological support of public institutions that manage in the field of environmental protection, ecological safety and environmental management.