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The Dag Hammarskjöld Library provides research and information to support the work of United Nations Member States. As an integral part of the UN Organization, the Library also aids in the dissemination of UN information to a wider public audience through online services, and a global depository library network.

Delivering professional information research

The Library provides professional information research to delegates and UN staff, as well as limited research for librarians, researchers, and the general public.

To serve delegates and UN Secretariat staff, the Library provides access to thousands of print and digital resources, including books, newspapers, e-journals, and e-books covering all geographic regions and many languages. The Library catalogue and Research Guides are easy-to-use online tools to search these resources.

Our Ask DAG service provides quick answers and research tips, and our hands-on training programme teaches attendees how to access UN official documents, as well as how to use Library resources more effectively.

Providing access to the UN's institutional knowledge

Behind the scenes, Library staff are working to make UN information more accessible to all. 

The Library collects print and digital copies of UN documents, publications and a variety of other material produced by the Organization, such as maps and press releases. 

The Library's digitization programme serves two vital functions: it preserves fragile historical documents, and allows them to be accessed online by many users without damage to the original record (status of digitization).

To improve discoverability, the Library catalogues and indexes millions of items that help form the Organization's institutional memory. This makes them accessible to the greater public by developing a variety of research tools including the Digital Library, Index to Speeches, Voting Records, Index to Proceedings and the UN Documentation Research Guides.

The Dag Hammarskjöld Library encourages the dissemination of UN institutional knowledge by maintaining a network of 360 United Nations depository libraries in 135 Member States and territories.