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United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
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The UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics provides a collection of statistics and indicators relevant to the analysis of international trade, investment and development. Reliable statistical information is indispensable for formulating sound policies and recommendations that may commit countries for many years as they strive to integrate into the world economy and improve the living standards of their citizens. Whether it is for research, consultation or technical cooperation, UNCTAD needs reliable and internationally comparable trade, financial and macroeconomic data, covering several decades and as many countries as possible.

In addition to facilitating the work of the secretariat’s economists, the Handbook provides all other users - policymakers, research specialists, academics, officials from national governments or international organizations, journalists, executive managers, members of non-governmental organizations - with access to cross-comparable sets of data. The Handbook presents a consolidated, yet wide-ranging overview of the statistical series available at UNCTAD.

The publication is available in printed copy and DVD format. Moreover, the statistical series published in the Handbook are also available online at UNCTADstat. Unlike the Handbook, which captures statistics at one point of time, UNCTADstat is continuously updated and enhanced, thus providing users with the latest available data. Consequently, the figures from the Handbook may not always correspond to UNCTADstat.