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The World Bank e-Atlases on gender, MDGs, finacial inclusion etc

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The World Bank eAtlas of Global Development maps and graphs more than 175 thematically organized indicators for over 200 countries, letting you visualize and compare progress on the most important development challenges facing our world. Most indicators cover several decades, so you can see, for example, how life expectancy at birth has improved from 1960 up through the latest year. Watch our short video for a quick overview!

This eAtlas, an online companion to Atlas of Global Development, fourth edition, builds on the Atlas topics, allowing you to visualize and analyze a wider variety of data in greater depth, over a longer time period. You can

  • Map more than 175 World Bank indicators worldwide 
  • Compare and view two maps simultaneously
  • Animate maps to show change over time
  • View all data in ranking tables and charts alongside maps
  • Export maps and data for use in presentations and more 
  • Import your own data