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Zambia Research and Education Network (ZAMREN)

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University of Zambia
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About Us

Zambia Research and Education Network (ZAMREN) is a specialised internet service provider dedicated to supporting the needs of the research and education communities in Zambia.

The purpose of ZAMREN is to provide the inter-institutional connectivity in terms of a National Research and Education Network (NREN), and to connect it to the Regional Research and Education Network (RREN) in Eastern and Southern Africa, UbuntuNet (, thereby extending ZAMREN to other National Research and Education Networks in Africa and in the rest of the World.
ZAMREN is an association for tertiary level research and education institutions, which collectively intend to:

  1. Secure low-cost broadband connectivity to:
    1. All member institution (inter-institutional connectivity)
    2. Dedicated global research and education resources (Regional networks)
    3. The internet
  2. Share their education resources via this dedicated infrastructure of ZAMREN
  3. Provide Advanced ICT services to its member institutions.