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Independent experts nominated by country party

Abdel-Moneim Hegazi

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
UN languages spoken


Job function
Ecology and Dryland Agriculture
Telephone number
202 2432758
Work experience
- Planning and supervising research work_x000D_
- Verietal evaluation_x000D_
- Salt and drought resisitant plants
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- B. Sc. in Agricultural Science - Cairo University 1964_x000D_
- M.Sc. in Agricultural Science (Plant physiology) Cairo, University 1969. "Nitrogen metabolism in relation to the adaptation of plants to salinity"._x000D_
- Ph.D. in Agricultural science (Agronomy) - Ain Shams University 1974. "Effect of salinity on nucleic acid and amino acid metabolism in relation to the economic constituents of ricinus communis and Hyoscyamus muticus plants".
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Hagazi, A.M. and W. Bausch (1978). The interaction between salinity and (2-chloroethy 1) - trimethy1-ammonium chloride (CCC) on salt tolerance in maize. Zeitschrift für pflanzenphysiol. 88(1): 39-45. (W. Germany)_x000D_
2. Hegazi, A.M.A.A. Shalaby, F.A. Ebad and S.M. Khalafa (1981) Seed proteins and amino acids composition as a biochemical criterion for the evaluation of some broad bean genotypes. Res. Bull. 1479, Fac. Agric. Ain Shams University (Egypt)_x000D_
3. El-Monayeri, M.O. A.M. Hegazi and F.A. Ebad (1981). Transpiration and iron accumulation in four panicum species grown under moisture and salt stress conditions. Egypt. J. Bot. 24(2): 87-101. (Egypt)._x000D_
4. Nour El-Din, N.A., A.M. Hegazi, M.A. Abdel Gawad and M.O. Salem (1984) Response of some Egyptian wheat cultivators to cycocel treatment under saline condition for Wadi Sudr region 1-Yield and Yield components. Desert Inst. Bull., 34(1-2): 383-390, Egypt_x000D_
5. Hegazi, A.M. F.M. El-Gaaly and N.M. Nour El-din (1995) Effect of some grow
Other activities
- Utilization of saline water for irrigation_x000D_
- Rainfed agriculture_x000D_
- Member of the Crop Science Society of Egypt_x000D_
- Editor of the Plant Production Journal, Egypt.
Organisation name
Desert Research Center
Organisation street address
1 Mathaf El-Matareya-El-Matareya_x000D_
Box 11753
Organisation city
Organisation country