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Independent experts nominated by country party

Abdul-Wali Ahmed Al Khulaidi

First name
Abdul-Wali Ahmed
Last name
Al Khulaidi
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Job function
lecturer in Faculty of Science and EducationTaiz University
Telephone number
00967 4245104/00967 777245103
Work experience
January 2007 - present Taiz University, Yemen_x000D_
lecturer in Faculty of Science and Education_x000D_
October 1999- present _x000D_
Centre for Middle Eastern Plants, Edinburgh, UK_x000D_
Member of Centre for Middle Eastern Plants_x000D_
November 1987 - Present_x000D_
Agricultural Research and Extension Authority (AREA), Taiz_x000D_
Researcher on Flora, plant ecology and plant geography, _x000D_
November 2013 Consultant in studying the environmental impact on Vegetation of an area located on block 53 Hadhramaut plateau; for DOVE Energy. _x000D_
2006 - 2013 Surveying the Flora and the Vegetation of the Southern Uplands of Yemen, AREA, Taiz. _x000D_
June-Dec. 2013 Collaboration with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) on studying the Middle Eastern Plants and Red list data of Yemen October-Nov. 2013 Collaboration with Colorado State University, USA on testing the origin dispersal and cultivation of Catha edulis (Qat) in Yemen _x000D_
March-May 2012 Consultant in preparation the national report on the state of genetic resources of forest and woodlands of Yemen. FAO, Sana'a, 2012_x000D_
Nov-Dec. 2011 Consultant in preparation Gap Analysis of natural plant biodiversity of Yemen for Sustainable Natural Resource Management Project (SNRMP) 11 and EPA._x000D_
2010 Consultant in preparation 4th National Biodiversity Country Report of Yemen for EPA, UNEP and UNDP._x000D_
5-20 Jan 2010 Consulting to Al Thureya consultant and GTZ for studying and evaluating Moringa oleifera species in Tihama and Shabwa areas.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Sep 2006 University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, U.K._x000D_
PhD in Environmental and human determinates of vegetation distribution in the Hadhramaut region, Yemen_x000D_
Sep 1989 ITC Enschede, The Netherlands_x000D_
MSc Rural & Land Ecology Survey, (Thesis on a Comparative Vegetation Survey of four Physiographic regions in the Yemen Arab Republic) (1989)._x000D_
July 1983 University of Alexandria, Egypt_x000D_
BSc in Agricultural Soil Sciences, University of Alexandria, Egypt. (1983)
Publication titles
1.Flora of Ibb Governorate, (uses & Distribution) .Social Fund for Development (SFD), Sana, 2013._x000D_
2.Flora of Yemen. Sustainable Natural Resources management project (SBRMP) 11 and EPA, Sana’a, July 2013._x000D_
3.Important plant areas in the Arabian peninsula. Edinburgh Journal of Botany 67 (1):25-35 (2010)._x000D_
4. Arabia’s last forests under threat II: Remaining fragments of unique valley forest in southwest Arabia. Edinburgh Journal of Botany 66 (2):263-281 (2009)._x000D_
5.Arabia’s last forests under threat: Plant biodiversity and conservation in the valley forest of Jabal Bura (Yemen). Edinburgh Journal of Botany 65 (1):113-135 (2008).
Organisation name
Faculty of Agriculture
Organisation street address
lecturer in Faculty of Science and Education
Organisation country