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Independent experts nominated by country party

Aida Ramírez Fíjon

First name
Last name
Ramírez Fíjon
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Animal Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Manager of National Scientific and Technology and Environmen
Telephone number
53 7 20 23 428
Work experience
-developed research projects in animal digestive physiology, metabolism and nutrition in the field of nitrogen and protein utilization with non-convential feeds for ruminants and pigs with more 50 experimental works, 12 bibliographic studies and developing 22 new methods of biochemical analysis in the animal nutrition_x000D_
-Management, planning, monitoring and evaluation of 10 National Scientific and Technological Innovation Programs in the field of animal and agricultural production ins sustainable conditions, in relation to animal nutrition, -production, -biotechnology and –health in rumants; pigs and poultry, production of forages and pastures, food security and vulenerabiltiy._x000D_
-Assessment of national and international projects in these areas
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
-University Degree in Biochemistry Pharmaceutical Studies, Cuba_x000D_
-Doctor, PhD in Veterinary Science_x000D_
-Senior Researcher in Biochemistry Nutrition
Number of Publications
Publication titles
--“Synthesis of microbial protein in young bulls fed a protein-free diet based on molasses/urea.” Press: Revista Cubana Ciencia agric. 5; 21, 1971_x000D_
-“Intestinal Digestion in calves receiving diets based on molasses/urea diets.” Proceedings of X international Congress of Zootechnics, Paris, France, 1971_x000D_
-“Fish meal and NPN conversion to bacterial protein in molasses/urea diets.” RCCA, 6: 19, 1972_x000D_
-Nutritional contribution of protein and metabolizable mino acids in bull fed high level of molasses/urea.” I Protein-free diets.RCCA; 18: 301, 1984_x000D_
-“Protein degradation of fish meal in the rumen of bulls fed molasses/urea diets.” Proceedings of V International Symposium on Protein Metabolism and Nutrition, Germany, 1987
Other activities
-Member of different national scientific councils, technical groups and commissions related with these specific areas_x000D_
-Delivered and participated in about 32 different post grade studies_x000D_
-Participated in about 90 national and international congresses in the a.m. subjects_x000D_
-Participated in 12 technical international exchange in Finland, France, Germany, Hungry, Austria and Soviet Union_x000D_
-Member of Latin-American Association of Animal Production, Cuban Association of Animal Production_x000D_
-Head of international projects financed by European Commission: animal nutrition in ruminants_x000D_
-Expert in assessment of UNDP/FAO_x000D_
-Associate expert for national strategies and planning science and technological innovation in agricultural branch_x000D_
-Member of the Scientific Council of Animal Science Institute_x000D_
-Member of the Scientific Council of GEPROP_x000D_
-Member of Ibero-Americans Red Cyted XIX-B: Sustainable Agricultural and Livestock
-Medal XXX Anniversary of Science Academy of Cuba_x000D_
-Diploma as Founder of Animal Science Institute (ICA)_x000D_
-Diploma as Founder of ACPA_x000D_
-Medal Rafael María de Mendive for work in the sector of the Science_x000D_
-Diploma Scientific Relevant of National Science a
Organisation name
Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y Medio Ambiente
Organisation street address
20 # 4103 e / 18a and 47 Miramar. Playa
Organisation city
La Habana
Organisation country