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Independent experts nominated by country party

Ali Zidan

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
Soil and water conservation
Agricultural Sciences
Waste management
Geographical Focus
Job function
Lecturer and Researcher
Faculty of Agriculture,Tishreen University
Telephone number
00 963 41 477152/ 967772411
Work experience
2000-2009; Representing the Arab. Org. Agric. Dev /AOAD/ in many local, regional and international meetings and workshops, in field of Natural Resources & Desertification._x000D_
- 2010-2011; Representing the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands /ACSAD/ in many local, regional and international meetings and workshops in field of land and water use and desertification._x000D_
Dicipline areas: 1- Waste Water Management; 2- Light and Sandy soils Management; 3- Organic Agriculture; 4- Recycling of organic residuals; Geographic areas of experience: Syria, Sudan and UAE
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- 1980, Ph.D., Soil Science, Faculty of Science, University of Aberdeen, UK._x000D_
- 1977, M.Sc., Soil Science, Faculty of Science, University of Aberdeen, UK._x000D_
- 1973, B.Sc., General Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University, Syria.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1- Zidan, A. 1998; Applications in the use of waste water in agriculture. Nat. Sym. Waste Water Technology for use in Agric.25-26/11/1998. (Arabic). Ministry. Env.& ACSAD. Damascus. Syria._x000D_
2- Zidan, A. and G.A.Alloush.1998; National Study for Mutual Research Support in the Field of Reclamation of Sandy Soils in the Arab World. (Arabic). AOAD.“Leag.Arab.States.” pp. 64._x000D_
3- Zidan, A.1999; The duly effects of degradation of Arab land resources. Nation. Sym. Env. Protec. Arab. Agri. Land. Resources.19 – 21 / 6 /1999. Cairo. (Arabic). (AOAD) “Leag. Arab. States”._x000D_
4- Zidan, A, A, Al Ali, O, Jouzdan, E, Tomeh, Y, Alhag-Gareeb. 2012; Effect of Salt-hardening of Seeds on Salt Tolerance of Three Varieties of Wheat Grown Under Irrigation with Different Water Qualities. Jordanian Journal for Agricultural Science. V.8, no; 2. Pp. 293-302._x000D_
5- Zidan, A, 2007; The Regional Conference on Land Degradation Issues in the Arab Region; a- Degradation of Land Resources in the Arab Region. b- The Agriculture in the Arab World. LAS Premises, Cairo-Egypt, 30/10 - 1/11/ 2007. (AOAD Representative).
Other activities
of Natural Resources, Climate Change &Combating Desertification, such as;_x000D_
- (CRIC9, CST-S2, in Bonn, Germany from 16 to 25 February 2011)
- The Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD) 2010,.in Montpellier, France from 28-31 March 2010_x000D_
- Face-2-Face Workshop, Regional Consultations, West Asia and North Africa Region 10-12 November 2009 Alexandria, Egypt._x000D_
2- British (Europian) society of soil science._x000D_
3- American Society of Agronomy. (x-member)._x000D_
4- Syrian Syndicate of Agricultural Engineers
- 2010 – 2011; director of Land and Water Use in ACSAD, Damascus, Syria._x000D_
- 2006 - to July 2009; Director of Natural Resources & Environment, in the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, /AOAD/ H-Q. Khartoum, SUDAN._x000D_
- 1997- 1999; Vice President of Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.
Organisation name
Ministry of Environmental Affairs
Organisation country
Syrian Arab Republic