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Independent experts nominated by country party

Ana Gertrudis Sierra Andino

First name
Ana Gertrudis
Last name
Sierra Andino
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Political Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Executiv Director
Telephone number
50 4 231-1548
Work experience
-Honduran Country Report in the combat Desertification an Drought. With 2 others consultants, collect and analyze the information about the actions developed by the Honduran Government and sesociety to combat desertification and drought._x000D_
-Central America Disaster Mitigation Initiative: Phase one Assessment OFDA Technical and Administrative Support to LAC, AOT – c-00-98-00109-00. Member of the team that investigate, study and analalyze the organization, impact mitigation capability and their objectives to strengthen these capabilities in the frame of a Central America Disaster Mitigation Program._x000D_
-Assistance to the Master Plan of Health investment Technical Group. Technical assistance in the determination of the Health Sector Investment Project Portfolio to be incorporated in the National Reconstruction and Transformation Master Plan in the frame of the Mitch hurricane and Stockholm Group._x000D_
-Mid Term Evaluation, El Cajon Basin Reservoi Natural Renewal Resources Management Program Memb
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
-Certificate in Gender and Rural Development Studies, University Pedagogica Nacional Francisco Morazan, 2000_x000D_
-Master in Business Administration, University Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, 1992_x000D_
-Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Psychology, Universidad de las Américas, 1981
Number of Publications
Other activities
-National Focal Point of the RIOD-LAC_x000D_
-Member of the Commission for the Revision and Evaluation of the Honduran Environmental Profile base documents._x000D_
-Member of the Coordination Group for the creation of the Honduran Joint Implementation Office_x000D_
-Institute for the Integral Development of Honduras_x000D_
-Honduran Psychologist College
Organisation name
Forest Research Institute
Organisation street address
Residencial San Ignacio # 3302_x000D_
Tegucibalpa, Honduras Central America
Organisation city
Organisation country