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Independent experts nominated by country party

Arcadio Monroy Ata

First name
Last name
Monroy Ata
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
UN languages spoken


Job function
Officer in Charge
Research Unit in Vegetal Ecology (ENEP)
Telephone number
52 5 6230794
Work experience
* Principal Researcher for Environmental Assessment Studies in private enterprises_x000D_
* Professor of Mathematics and Ecology, Bachelor degree level at UNAM (FES-Zaragoza, ENEP-Aragon) and Autonomous Metropolitan University_x000D_
* Researcher of a project in vegetal ecology restoration of arid zones in Valle del Mezquital, Hidalgo_x000D_
* Candidate for Researcher at the National System of Researchers CONACYT, Mexico
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
* Bachelor Degree, Biology, ENEP Zaragoza, Autonomous National University of Mexico_x000D_
* Masters and Doctorate Degree, Ecology, Sciences and Technics University, Montpellier, France
Number of Publications
Other activities
1. President of the Academy of Ecology and Responsible for the Research Unit Vegetal Eclogy both in FES Zaragoza from Autonomous National University of Mexico_x000D_
2. Editor of the Magazine "Research and Postgraduate Topics" (1990-1996), Researcch, Education and its Nexus Bulletin (1992-1996) and also "The green leaf", an Ecology Area Diffusion Bulletin_x000D_
3. Vinculated with the researchers group in ecological restoration from the "Centre National de la Recherche Scientific" at Montpellier, France
* Gabino Barreda Medal_x000D_
* Omeyucan Prize given by the Rotary Club_x000D_
* Very Honorable Mention and the publication of the Doctorate Thesis
Organisation name
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Organisation street address
Fuerte de Loreto esq. Batalla del 5 de mayo_x000D_
Col. Ejército de Oriente, 09230
Organisation city
México DF
Organisation country