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Arunachalam Ayyanadar

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Nominating Country
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Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Agricultural Sciences
Plant Science
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Job function
Principal Scientist
Indian Council of Agricultural Research
Telephone number
0091 11-23385065/23386711
Work experience
Within a relatively shorter span of professional experience, Dr. Arunachalam has made notable contributions to soil ecology, ecosystem ecology, shifting agriculture and land use dynamics in the northeastern India. His doctoral research on the role of detrital mass in soil nutrient restoration in regrowing forests has led to significant conclusions about the least studied belowground components i.e., fine roots and microbial biomass. These components have a greater nutrient immobilization potential and rapid biomass turnover and thus contribute significantly to the organic matter and nutrient dynamics in the degraded and/or regenerating forest ecosystems. His further research demonstrated that such processes vary with different scales of disturbance, and ecosystems across seasons and soil depth. This work is of both basic and applied importance in restoration ecology. _x000D_
Dr. Arunachalam’s has characterized nutrient cycling patterns in hill agro-ecosystems associated with slash-and-burn agriculture (jhum), with special reference to the microbial biomass that act as both `sink’ and `source’ of plant available nutrients. His studies have revealed that the role of microbial biomass in soil organic matter and nutrient cycling increases with jhum cycle period and also with fallow age. He has also investigated the impact and after-effects of various types of disturbances such as fire, floods, felling and landslides on the soil nutrients in the region, particularly with reference to carbon and nitrogen. He has demonstrated the role of microbial biomass in nutrient retention that helps in the natural revegetation following landslides. ( full c.v with secretariat)
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
1990 – B.Sc. (Botany) – Madurai Kamraj University – Gold Medalist_x000D_
1992 – M.Sc. (Botany) – Madurai Kamraj University – Gold Medalist_x000D_
1997 – Ph.D. (Forest Ecology) – North-Eastern Hill University – Awarded
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Balasubramanian, D., Arunachalam, K., Arunachalam, A. and A.K. Das (2013) Water hyacinth (Eichhorniacrassipes (Mart.) Solms.) engineered soil nutrient availability in a low-land rain-fed rice farming system of north-east India. Ecological Engineering, 58: 2-13; _x000D_
2. Tomar, J.M.S., Anup Dasand A. Arunachalam(2013) Crop response and soil fertility as influenced by green leaves of indigenous agroforestry tree species in a lowland rice system in northeast India. Agroforestry Systems 87: 193-201 (DOI 10.1007/s10457-012-9535-3); _x000D_
3. Gosai, K., Arunachalam, A. and B.K. Dutta (2010) Tillage effects on soil microbial biomass in a rainfed agricultural system of northeast India. Soil & Tillage Research 109: 68-74; _x000D_
4. Arunachalam, A. and P. Roy (2010) The Biological Diversity Act 2002 – Governing Conservation and Development in India. Current Science, 98 (2): 147-148;
Other activities
- National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi_x000D_
- International Society for Tropical Ecology, Varanasi_x000D_
- International Society for Conservation of Nature, Varanasi_x000D_
- National Institute of Ecology, New Delhi_x000D_
- Indian Academy of Environmental Sciences, Hardwar
1. Pran Vohra Award in Agriculture and Forestry Sciences for the year 2003-04 by the Indian Science Congress Association. (Certificate, Citation & Cash Award)_x000D_
2. Dr. K.G. Tejwani Award for Management of Natural Resources for the year 2002-03 (biennium award) by the Indian Association of Soil & Water Conservationists. (Certificate, Citation & Cash Award)_x000D_
3.Eminent Scientist of the Year 2012 Award by the National Environmental Science Academy, New Delhi (Certificate & Citation)
Organisation name
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Organisation street address
Room No. 108_x000D_
Office of the Secretary (DARE) & DG (ICAR), _x000D_
KrishiBhawan, 110001
Organisation city
New Delhi
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