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Independent experts nominated by country party

Eduardo Peres Rocha e Silva

First name
Eduardo Peres
Last name
Rocha e Silva
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Job function
Area Manager
Environment and Information
Telephone number
55 61 3171358
Work experience
I have been working since 1996 in UNDP's BRA 93/036 project "Elaboration of the National Policy to Control Desertification - PNCD". I have been involved in gathering and widespreading information concerning desertification, aiming the development of the brazilian policies in this matter._x000D_
The divulgation of the problem throughout Brazil is one of the main objets of the project. The Internet was the chosen media which could provide, in a effective way, the wanted awareness of people._x000D_
In this context, the PNCD developed the Desertification Information and Documentation Network - REDESERT. I have been working as the Webmaster of REDESERT's website ( and the Postmaster of the REDESERT's discussion list (
I am also a part of the University of Brasilia's "Projeto Fogo", which deals with fire research in cerrado since 1986. I am after my master degree in ecology, under the orientation of Prof. Heloisa Sinatora Miranda.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Master Degree in Ecology, University of Brasilia (completion in April 1999)_x000D_
Bachelor Degree, Biology, University of Brasilia, 1996
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Rocha e Silva, E.P. 1997. Unidades de Conservacao do Semi-arido Brasiliero - Bioma caatinga. I Simposio Brasiliero sobre Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Sustentavel do Semi-arido. Anais, p.43-53._x000D_
2. Miranda, H.S., Rocha e Silva, E.P. and Miranda, A.C. 1996. Comportamento do fogo em queimadas de campo sujo. In: Impacto de Queimadas em Areas de Cerrado e Restinga. H. S. Miranda; C.H. Saito and B.F.S. Dias (Org.). ECL/UNB, Brasilia. p. 1-10._x000D_
3. Rocha e Silva, E.P. and Miranda, H.S. 1996. Temperatura do cambio de especies lenhosas do Cerrado durante queimadas prescritas. Anais do VIII Simposio sobre o Cerrado. 1st International Symposium on Tropical Savannas. p. 249-257._x000D_
4. Rocha e Silva, E.P. and Miranda, H.S. 1995. Efeito do fogo em especies lenhosas do cerrado: Temperatura do cambio. I Congresso de Iniciacao Cientifica da UnB. Livro de resumos, p. 204._x000D_
5. Rocha e Silva, E.P. and Miranda, H.S. 1995. Temperatura do cambio de Sclerolobium paniculatum VOG. furante
Organisation name
Ministerio del Medio Ambiente
Organisation street address
Esplanada dos Ministerios _x000D_
Bloco B - Sala 519, CEP 70053-900
Organisation city
Organisation country