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Independent experts nominated by country party

Edwin Monyane Seitlheko

First name
Edwin Monyane
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Soil Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
National Environment Youth Corps
Telephone number
Work experience
Research work done: 1978 - Erodibility and genesis of Duplex Soils in Lesotho; 1979-1998 - Rate of gully extension in Lesotho; 1982-84 - Splash erosion as affected by different slopes, conservation measures and rainfall intensities; 1982-85 - Sediment load and chemistry of Roma Valley streams; 1991 - Agro-forestry in Lesotho; 1991 - Soil temperature variations with soil depth; 1993 - Impact of soil erosion on productivity in Lesotho
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- Ph.D., Agriculture, (Agronomy) Texas Tech. University, 1989 _x000D_
- FUA/ITC/WAGENINGEN, 8 weeks course, 1978_x000D_
- Remote Sensing, Michigan, 2 months course, 1977_x000D_
- P.G.S., Soil Survey, Texas Tech. University, 1975_x000D_
- M.Sc., Texas Tech. University, 1975_x000D_
- B.Sc., University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, 1973
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Seitlheko, E.M., 1989: Effects of three grazing intensities on selected soil properties in semiarid West Texas. With B.L. Allen. Agronomy Abstracts;_x000D_
2. Seitlheko, E.M., 1990: Laboratory Manual. Introduction to Soil Science. NUL Department of Geography;_x000D_
3. Seitlheko, E.M., 1993: Effects of three grazing intensities on selected soil properties in semiarid West Texas. Afr.J.For Sci.10 (2);_x000D_
4. Seitlheko E.M. and Makatjane, T., 1996: Options for financing secondary teachers salaries: The case of Lesotho.Boleswa Educational Research Journal. Vol. 13_x000D_
5. Seitlheko E.M., 1998: Impact of communal land tenure on natural resource evaluation: Examples from Lesotho. Review of Southern African studies. Vol. 2
Other activities
1. Member of a 6 man committee (EAC) appointed to advise the joint permanent Technical Commission (LHWP), on environmental issues, 1992;_x000D_
2. Chairman, EAC, 1993;_x000D_
3. Member, NFAP Steering Committee in Lesotho, 1995;_x000D_
4. Member, UNESCO Science Committee in Lesotho, 1995;_x000D_
5. Reviewer of a chapter on 'Soil Conservation and Land use planning' in the State of the Environment in Lesotho, NES, 1997;_x000D_
6. Member of a group looking at Climate Change in Lesotho, 1997
- Member, Soil Science Society of American Journal;_x000D_
- Member, Journal of Range Management;_x000D_
- Member, South African Journal of Plant and Soil;_x000D_
- Member, Journal of Grassland Society of Southern Africa
Organisation name
National Environment Youth Corps
Organisation city
Organisation country