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Independent experts nominated by country party

Emmanuel Motebang Pomela

First name
Emmanuel Motebang
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
UN languages spoken


Job function
Freelance Biological Science Consultancy
Telephone number
Work experience
Several consultanies with UN organisations and NGOs:_x000D_
1. United Nations Development Programme and Global Environment Facility (UNDP/GEF); Project proposal submitted to the GEF seeking to conserve the alpine ecosystems of the Maloti mountains, especially the Southern Maloti Mountains in Quthing; Jan. 1997 - June 1997_x000D_
2. UNDP/GEF Consultancy on developing the Lesotho Country Strategies and Action Plans for the conservation and sustainable use of its biological resources and diversity. The consultancy also included production of a Country Report on biological diversity; Jan. 1997 - Sept. 1997_x000D_
3. United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD): Consultancy on producing Lesotho's National Action Programme (NAP) to combat desertification/land degradation and mitigate the effects of drought. The consultancy included preparation of a concept paper to be used as a framework document at the National Forum to draft and adopt the action programmes in effect of combating desertifica
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ph.D., Plant Science, Utah State University, 1990_x000D_
M.Sc., Crop Science, University of Idaho, 1986_x000D_
B.Sc., Crop Science, Texas Tech. University, 1982_x000D_
Certificate, Agriculture, Lesotho Agricultural College, 1976
Number of Publications
Other activities
- Member, Agronomy Society of America; Crop Science Society of America; Weed Science Society of America and Western Society of Weed Science_x000D_
- Chemistry for the Life Sciences, Visiting Lecturer, Lesotho Agricultural College, 1990-93_x000D_
- Weed Ecology and Weed Science, Visiting Lecturer, Lesotho Agricultural College, 1986/87
Organisation name
National Environment Youth Corps
Organisation street address
829, 100
Organisation city
Organisation country