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Independent experts nominated by country party

Emmanuel Sobel Seck

First name
Emmanuel Sobel
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Environmental Management
Information Systems
Soil Science
UN languages spoken



Job function
Programme Manager
Telephone number
00221 338 22 24 96
Work experience
Since 1994, I worked with ENDA, particularly in managing projects and in networking. I was involved in many programmes amongst others, the programme “Hope in the Desert” implemented by ENDA in partnership with Red Cross Senegal and Denmark, in Ferlo, the Northern Senegal sylvo-pastoral area. I have contributed as a consultant in the two reports of “Synthesis and preliminary analysis of the information contained in reports submitted by affected African country Parties” at the CRIC-1, 2002 and CRIC-3, 2005. My work in the field has extended to starting up and maintaining RIOD, the International NGOs' Network on Desertification. I work on projects related also to UNFCCC process, adaptation and food security. I have worked from 2005 to 2007 in a programme of Multifunction Platform (MPF) lead by UNDP to alleviate women work in Senegal and published the booklet “The faces of energy-related poverty as seen through the eyes of women and men in Senegal”; Thematic areas: Desertification Biodiversity,Communication-Adapatation- Environmental Managment- Sustainable Land Managment- Traditional Knowledge - rural development- Policy analysis Conservation_x000D_
Geographic areas of field experience: Ehtiopia, Cameroon, Mauritania, Madagascar, Morocco, Brazail, BOLIVIA, MEXICO, INDIA
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- HIGH DIPLOMA ON INFORMATION SCIENCES AND COMMUNICATION, 2005, University Chekh Anta Diop-EBAD, Dakar, Senegal_x000D_
- DIPLOME D’INFORMATISTE (Documentation), 1992, University Chekh Anta Diop-EBAD, Dakar, Senegal
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Emmanuel Seck, Sept. 2009. Reducing the Gap between Vulnerable Communities and Climate Change Research: the Case in the Sahel, 2p., Climate lite, IDS, University of Sussex._x000D_
2. Emmanuel Seck, 2007. National action programme for climate adaptation: A déjà vu or a real chance to build on past experiences in Specialist Conference report: Governance and Combating desertification, 8p. GTZ, Eschborn._x000D_
3. Fatma Denton, Emmanuel Seck, 2005. Le visage de la pauvreté énergétique à travers la femme au Sénégal, 24p. ISBN 0 9549408 04 6, Partners in Print, Birmingham._x000D_
4. Emmanuel Seck, 2003. Rapport portant sur la prise en compte du savoir local par les programmes d’action, réseaux et mécanismes mis en place par le secrétariat de la CCD pour promouvoir les programmes de lutte contre la désertification à l’échelle régionale et nationale in Promotion of Traditional Knowledge : a compilation of UNCCD documents and Report from 1997 to 2003, 14p., UNCCD, Bonn._x000D_
5. Masse Lo, acine Diagne, Emmanuel Seck, 199 Contre la désertification de la convention internationale à l éla oration participative des programmes d'action nationaux, ISBN 92 9130 0187, 106p. Série « Etudes et Recherches », n0190-191, Enda-Editions, Dakar
Other activities
1. Member of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for the Equator Prize for Sustainable Land Management in Sub-Saharan africa_x000D_
2. Chair of the UNCCD CSO Panel, 2012-2013_x000D_
3. Member of Climate Action Network International (CAN) Board of Directors, 2007-2013_x000D_
4. Vice-chair of Drynet (Global network promoting resilience in the drylands) _x000D_
5. Coordinator of the CSO SLM-Africa regional programme (UNDP/GEF/OSISA/ENDA
Organisation name
Conseil Supérieur des Ressources Naturelles et de l'Environnement (CONSERE)
Organisation street address
54 Rue Carnot
Organisation city
Organisation country