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Independent experts nominated by country party

Eric Chomba Atanasios Chisanga

First name
Eric Chomba Atanasios
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
UN languages spoken


Job function
Senior Planning Officer
Planning and Information Department
Telephone number
260 2 230923
Work experience
Currently lecturing in forest resource assessment, forest fires and special projects at CBU for over one year faccilitated and jointly developed provincial strategic forestry plans as local consultant in the copperbelt provincial forestry office - 2 years responsible for company policy and management at kawambwa tea company as GM for over 3 years._x000D_
Responsible for all forestry matters in the province, as provincial forestry officer for western and later north western provinces of Zambia for six (6) years.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Master of Forestry Australian Nationla University (ANU) - 1987, Postgraduate Diploma science (Forestry) ANU - 1986, BSc. (Forestry) Hons-makere, University Kampala Uganda 1977. Certificate in Planning and appraisal of rural projects, bradford university, U.K. 1982. Certificate in planning for community forestry, university of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania 1980.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Wppdbased emergy syste,s om rural industries and village applications in Zambia SADC unit, consultancy report, FAO Rome, 1988._x000D_
2. The problems of forestry development and potential of agroforestry in pp Zambia. Agroforestry in Zambia workshop proceedings ICRAF, 23-30, 1989._x000D_
3. Status and proposed biodiversity managment of higher plants in Zambia, IUCN, Lusaka, consultancy report, 1998_x000D_
4. The copperbelt provincial forestry action plan (PFAP) publication, forestry department Zambia 1998 Co-Authored_x000D_
5. Tradegy of Lamba headwaters of Zambia, SADC natural resouces newsletter issue no.9 april 1998, lilongwe malawi pp 12-13.
Other activities
Member of rual development network odi, portland house, STA, London_x000D_
Member of Zambia forestry association_x000D_
Member of the copperbelt university acadmic association
1st in class and best stuent in Bee keeping (1985)
Organisation street address
P.O. Box 21692
Organisation city
Organisation country