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Independent experts nominated by country party

Fa-qi Wu

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Soil Degradation
watershed managment
Soil and water conservation
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
A profession and doctor tutor A profession and doctor tutor
Department of Resources and Environment
Telephone number
+86 13709129015
Work experience
Major projects in recent years: Integrated Sand Prevention and Transformation Pilot in Pastoral farmland in Northern of Shaanxi Province, Ministry of Science; The occurrence and development of soil erosion in the Northwest Loess, “973” project; The research of erosion process of the evolution of surface roughness and the law of erosion response, National Natural Science Foundation; Comprehensive technology integration cycle of production research and demonstration on the farmland in Guan Zhong Plain, “Eleventh Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Program; Pilot and transformation of integrated technology of combat desertification in the farming pastoral zone of northern Shaanxi; Research and demonstration of farmland conservation tillage technology system in sandy areas of northern Shaanxi;
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
1978.02-1982.01, Studied at the Northwest University, majoring in Geography and received BS;1996.09-1999.07, Studied at the Institute of Water-Soil Conservation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and received a PhD in agriculture;
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1 Soil and water conservation plan, Chinese forestry publishing house, 2009, main editor. 2 Summary of the soil and water conservation, Chinese Agricultural Publishing House, 2003, main editor. _x000D_
3 Soil and water conservation plan, Xi’an mapping publishing house, 2002, main editor. _x000D_
4 Soil erosion, Shaanxi People’s Publishing House, 1997, Second Editor. _x000D_
5 Management of watershed, Chinese Forestry Publishing House, 1999, Secondary Main Editor.
Other activities
1 the vice chairman of the Professional Commission for Soil Erosion and Water-Soil Conservation _x000D_
2 the executive director of the Institute of Water-Soil Conservation in Shaanxi _x000D_
3 the member of the Water-Soil Conservation and Desertification Control Teaching Steering Committee, State Forestry Administration _x000D_
4 the member of the Environment and Ecology Education Steering Committee in the First Session Higher Education institutions _x000D_
5 the Outstanding Contributor and Talent in Shaanxi Province and enjoys the special allowance given by the State Council
1 Research on the development of high-production forest-fruit-corn on the transitional district from plateau to platform, the second prize for the technological progress award of Shaanxi province, the first. _x000D_
2 Research of the principle and matching technology for the management of soil and water resource on the mild slope tillage land, the second prize for the technological progress award of Shaanxi province, the first. _x000D_
3 Development of the technologies for the ecological recovery and sand industry in the desertification area in Northern Shaanxi province, accepted and certificated by the Scientific and Technological department of Shaanxi province, the first.
Organisation name
Northwest Forestry University
Organisation street address
Northwest A &F University, YangLing, Shaanxi province
Organisation city
Organisation country