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Independent experts nominated by country party

Fangyong Fang

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Job function
Professor, Director
Shandong Academy of Forestry
Telephone number
86 531 85 57 779
Work experience
-since 1985 worked in Forest Science Institute of Shandong province_x000D_
-at present: director and senior engineer of resource and environment research institute. Research fields are: forestation technology, ecological comprehensive environment, desertification and salination soil management engineering._x000D_
-as editorial writer: accomplished technical papers, including China forest comprehensive management pattern, function and countermeasure of forest ecological engineering, implementary project on construction demonstrating forest desertification and salination regions, frutex and liana plant resources of Shandong province, fertility and cultivation technologies on several economical trees with salt and drought tolerance—_x000D_
-directing and attending the following projects: Indraught of new varieties with high salt tolerance of arbor, frutex and grass in shallows along the coast; conservation an utilization of species resource in salina; generalizing comprehensive management technology of for
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Shandong Agricultural Univ. 1981-1985
Number of Publications
Publication titles
-“Research on poplar fuelwood forest.” Liaoning Forestry science and Technology, p. 8-9, 2000_x000D_
-“Biomass structures and models of poplar..” Liaoning Forestry science and Technology, p. 5-7, 2002_x000D_
-“Approaching on management for integrated forest in saline-alkali soil in Shandong forest” China forestry science and technology, p. 44-45, 2002_x000D_
-“Discussion on the industrial exploitation of Hippophae rhamnoides in Shandong.” China forestry science and technology, p. 5-7, 2002_x000D_
-“..the forest of acacia which was usesd for firewood foresting density and the period of cutting to biomass experiments.” Anhui, Forestry science and Technology p. 4-6, 1999
Other activities
-Member of Shandong forestry association_x000D_
-Ecological engineering intercommunion conference held by China forestry association Chongquing, 1999_x000D_
-The third national proseminar on salination soil and drought , Beijing, 2001
-Study on fuelwood forest, the third class prize of science and technology advancement of Shandong province, 1999_x000D_
-Study on agroforest advantage model and correlative technologies and forestation in Huanghuaihai, the third prize of science and technolog
Organisation name
Beijing Forestry University
Organisation street address
Shandong Academy of Forestry, _x000D_
No 42 East Wenhua Street Jinan
Organisation city
Chayong City, Liaoning provinc
Organisation country