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Independent experts nominated by country party

Farida Akiyanova

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
and Sociology
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Deputy director
Institute of Geography
Telephone number
+7 727 293 87 49
Work experience
1. 1998 -2001, TACIS, International grant in the framework of the Caspian Environment Program. " The Caspian Center for Combating Desertification. (Kazakhstan Team Leader) _x000D_
2. 2005-2006, UNDP, GEF / UNDP Project KAZ/00/G37 (00013215) "Integrated conservation of priority globally significant wetlands as habitat for migratory birds: a demonstration on three project areas (Team leader for Ecosystem Studies)_x000D_
3. 2008 - 2011, International Grant «CASPINFO». Project title: Caspian Sea environmental and industrial data & information service, Grant agreement no.: 211288. (Kazakhstan Team Leader) _x000D_
4. 2009-2010, International Asian Development Bank grant for the project "Central Asian Countries Initiative for Land Management (CACILM), Component Information System for the sustainable management Land Management (EC-SLM) (Project Director from Kazakhstan)
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor , physical geography , Kazakh National University , Almaty, 1972 y.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Akiyanova F. (2000) Geomorphological conditions of desertification processes of Kazakhstan's Caspian region, "Problems of Desert Development", ? 4, p.3-8.Ashgabad [in Russian]; _x000D_
2. Akiyanova F. ( 2001) Modern Geomorphological Processes jn the Kazakhstanian Coast of the Caspian Sea and Problems of Desertification / / Sustainable Land Use in Deserts. p.269-275. Springer Germany;_x000D_
3. Akiyanova F. (2001) Modern landscapes of Kazakhstan's Caspian Sea and their resistance to the process of desertification. Proceedings of the Department of Geography. Society of Azerbaijan, Baku, p.88-95b, T. VII [in Russian];_x000D_
4. Akiyanova F. (2008) Land degradation and desertification: a complex of measures on reconstruction of damaged areas in Kazakhstan, in the book. "Institute of Geography: major scientific and applied projects»p. 32-37, Print C, Almaty [in Russian]._x000D_
5. Akiyanova F., Kurochkina L., Bekniyazov B. and others. Desertification as land degradation / Republic of Kazakhstan. Volume 3: Environment and Ecology, 2010. - S. 197-254. as the process of land degradation / Republic of Kazakhstan. Volume 3: Environment and Ecology, ed. AR Medea. 2010. - S. 197-254 [in Russian];
Other activities
1. 2008-2009, Member of Dissertation Council of the Institute of Geography of doctoral theses_x000D_
2. 2009-2011, Member of the editorial board of the international journal Problems of Desert Development ". Published in Turkmenistan.
1. 2007, was awarded the badge "Honored Worker of Science of Kazakhstan"
Organisation name
Institute of Geography
Organisation street address
050100 St. Kabanbay Batyr / Pushkin 67/99
Organisation city
Organisation country