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Independent experts nominated by country party

Fernando De León González

First name
Last name
De León González
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Soil Science
UN languages spoken



Job function
Head of Research Area
Department of Agricultural and Animal Production
Telephone number
52 5 724 5066
Work experience
- Assistant researcher at the Postgraduate College-Botanic Center. 1976-1977_x000D_
- Associate Professor at the Department of Agricultural and Animal Production, Autonomous Metropolitan University-Xochimilco Unit 1979-1985_x000D_
- Titled Professor at the Department of Agricultural and Animal Production, UAM-Xochimilco 1991-1996_x000D_
- Head of Research Area: Environment of Agricultural Systems. Have 8 research projects and 15 professors. UAM-Xochimilco_x000D_
- Member of Commission in charge to establish a Postgrade in Agricultural and Animal Production at UAM-Xochimilco_x000D_
- Lecturer at 19 national and international congresses and seminars_x000D_
- Adviser of 3 Bachelor level thesis, one masteral level thesis and 2 doctorate level thesis
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
B. Sc. in Agricultural Engineer. Specialist in Production, Technological Institute of Monterrey Superior Studies. 1976, Mexico_x000D_
M. Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, Postgraduate College, Montecillo, Mexico_x000D_
Ph. D. at the Institut National Agronomique, Paris, France, 1991
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Guerif, J., F. de Leon Gonzalez and P. Stengel. 1994. Variability of internal structure of clods in relation to soil conditions prior to compaction, effect on soil strength. Proc. 13th Int. Soil Tillage Res. Org. (ISTRO), Aalborg, Denmark. Vol.13, No. 2:185-190._x000D_
2. De Leon, G.F. 1995. Structure of soil analyzed by cultural profile method. Terra Vol. 13, No. 2:185-190._x000D_
3. De Leon, G.F. 1995. Soil Structure Degradation: Innovations in diagnosis and control. Into the book: Possibilities for technological development of mexican field. De Cambio XXI (in press)._x000D_
4. Trujilo, A.J., P. Torres Lima, G.F. de Leon and Calderon A.R. (editores). 1996. Ecology applied to agriculture: Case of Mexico. UAM, 250 pp. (in press)._x000D_
5. De Leon, G.F. and Sanchez R.S. 1994. Structure of soil in surface, drainage and erosion. Memorials of III Seminar of Research "Environment of Agricultural Systems". UAM-Xochimilco. october 1994. pp.38-49.
Other activities
- Translator of manuals to Fondation pour le Progres de l'Homme and GEA-GEISER entitled The Experience of some non-goovenrment organizations. Mexico, 1990._x000D_
- Member of Mexican Soil Sciences Society_x000D_
- Member of Soil and Water Conservation Group, A.C._x000D_
- Member of Agriculture Engineering Mexican Association
- National Researcher Candidate for the National Researcher System_x000D_
- National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), Mexico
Organisation name
Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Plantel Xochimilco
Organisation street address
Calzada del Hueso No. 1100_x000D_
Col. Quietud Coyoacan, 04960
Organisation city
Mexico DF
Organisation country