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Florent Maraux

First name
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Nominating Country
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Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
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Geographical Focus
Job function
Annual Crops Research Unit
Telephone number
33 04 67 61 56 37
Work experience
Florent Maraux, 56 years, has a Ph.D in Soil Science (Agroparistech 1994), He is head of the Research "Annual Cropping Systems " Research Unit , from the Department of Agronomy in (PERSYST) CIRAD. His main scientific background in research, is understanding, describing and finally modelling the effects of the technical acts of the farmers on soil, yield, and environment. In development aspects, he worked in different frameworks and sales: in the Nicaragua (drinkable water, irrigation, local development) and in the international institutions (FAO, IFAD, where he was visiting scientist for 3 years). He mainly worked in the domain of the management of the research in CIRAD. He leaded the “Water management” Research Unit, the Agronomy program, and now the UR SCA. These units have, each to their manner, driven research projects on better understanding the development of the water, organic and mineral resources. With the UR SCA, the activity widens towards the management of the biotic risks, and wide scales including farm and landscape level. The career of F. Maraux is characterized by a strong commitment in the tropical world (in Central America and now mainly in Africa), and by the alternation of works of research, of activities of development, and of management of the research. He represents his research Unit and Cirad in many instances and initiatives.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
PhD 1994 INAPG
Number of Publications
Publication titles
Feller, C., Maraux, F., 2006 : Offre française en matière de recherche en agronomie et environnement en Afrique. Académie des sciences, RST n° 21, Rapport à l’Académie des Sciences de France, In : Sciences et pays en développement : Afrique subsaharienne francophone. - Les Ulis : EDP Sciences, 2006, p. 127-142._x000D_
Maraux, F. (Coord.). Ashburner, J., Djamen P., Triomphe B., Kienzle J., 2005. Regards sur l'agriculture de conservation en Afrique de l'ouest et du centre et ses perspectives : contribution au 3ème Congrès mondial d'agriculture de conservation. - Rome : FAO, 114 p. Congrès Mondial d'Agriculture de Conservation. 3, 2005-10-03/2005-10-07, Nairobi, Kenya_x000D_
Scopel, E., Da Silva, F.A.M., Corbeels, M., Affholder, F., Maraux F., 2004. Modelling crop residue mulching effects on water use and production of maize under semi-arid and humid tropical conditions. Agronomie, 24 (6-7) : 383-395._x000D_
Maraux, F., 2002. Agriculture générale. La mise en valeur des zones tropicales et les composantes du milieu: le climat et la production végétale. In Mémento de l'agronome. - Montpellier : CIRAD, 2002_x000D_
Maraux, F., Lafolie, F., Bruckler, L., 1998. Comparison between mechanistic and functional models for estimating soil water balance: deterministic and stochastic approaches. Agricultural water management, 38 (1) : 1-20
Other activities
1. Scientific board of VETAGROSUP (Lyon / Clermont Ferrand)_x000D_
2. Scientific board of ISTOM (Pontoise)_x000D_
3. Scientific board of the African Conservation Tillage network)_x000D_
4. Elected as deputy member of the Agriculture Academy (Section V)
Organisation name
Organisation street address
TA B-102/02 Bât. 2, Bur. 128, 34398
Organisation city
Montpellier Cedex 5
Organisation country