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Independent experts nominated by country party

Gabriel Sarr

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Environmental planning
Job function
Engineer Demography
Ministry of Plan/lan Direction
Telephone number
00221 77 3367833
Work experience
I am civil servant tally of the Senegalese public administration with an experiment and professional practice of more than twenty-five years of in various Ministries (1) Ministry for the Plan and Co-operation; (2) Régional Service of Planning; 3) Ministry for the Economy, Finances and the Plan; (4) Ministry for the Plan and Sustainable development; (5) Ministry for the Plan. The essence of the work concerned the following aspects: social economic development and, development, execution, follow-up and evaluation of the regional national plans and, the policies and macro-economic and sectoral programs of development, co-operation bilateral and multilateral with the development, of the policies and strategies of co-operation. Target people: poor, stripped and disadvantaged populations, to improve conditions of existence and to promote the equality like the chances, etc
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
DEA Demography (Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) 2003;_x000D_
Master of Demography (Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) 2001;_x000D_
Diploma of Development Studies (University Institut of Development _x000D_
(Geneva/Suitzerland) 1991; _x000D_
Certificat of Development Studies (University Institut of Development (Geneva/Suitzerland) 1990; _x000D_
Diploma of Engineer of Work of Planning of National School of Economy (ENEA/Cheikh Anta DIOP University (UCAD;
Publication titles
1. Gabriel SARR; 2003; “Poverty and mortality of the children in Senegal: In search of factors associated and explanatory “ ; with the Institute of Demography of the Catholic University of Leuven (UCL); 100 pages;_x000D_
2. Gabriel SARR; 2001 “the Evolution of infanto-youthful mortality in the context of the structural policies of adjustment in Senegal” with Institute of Demography of the Catholic University of Leuven (UCL); 60 pages._x000D_
3. Gabriel SARR; 1984 (Memory) “the motorization of the dugouts and the socio-economic promotion of the fishermen in the area of Ziguinchor; Senegal”; with ENEA of Dakar (Senegal); 70 pages. _x000D_
4. SARR Gabriel; 2014 “Evolution of the socio-economic device of planning in Senegal since independence”; Senegal; 5 pages. _x000D_
5. SARR Gabriel; 2013; “Reflection on the process project evaluation under control Of the Management of main road- Senegal planning”; Senegal; 6 page
Other activities
1. Member of the French-speaking Demographic Company of Belgium;_ _x000D_
2. President of the Association for the Development of Living environment and Ecology _x000D_
(ADCVE) (Activities beginner) ;_x000D_
3. Sympathisant Unicef (Belgique) ; _x000D_
4. Sympathizing Unicef (Belgium) ;_x000D_
5. Sympathizing Amnesty International (Belgium);
1. President of the Association for the Development of Living environment and Ecology (ADCVE) ; (activities beginner) ;_x000D_
2. Screw coordinator equips development with the document alignment PAN/LCD;_x000D_
3. Notation favorable of my hierarchically superiors for making rank, professional level in Senegalese public administration
Organisation name
Ministry of Planification
Organisation street address
Doctor Guillet Road, N°8_x000D_
Postal Box 4010; Dakar
Organisation country