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Independent experts nominated by country party

Gaius Elenga Bolumbu Entanga

First name
Last name
Elenga Bolumbu Entanga
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Thematic Areas
UN languages spoken



Job function
Expert and Deputy National Focal Point UNCCD
Nature Conservation and Tourism
Telephone number
00 243 811557057
Work experience
1. National Consultant in charge of the revision of the COMIFAC Convergence Plan (Commission of Central African forests). From 2013-2014; _x000D_
2. Adviser Building Project of legal and institutional capacities in the fight against desertification in the DRC. UNDP / GEF. 2008-2010_x000D_
3. Expert in the office Land degradation and deforestation (Desertification, drought) in the Department of Sustainable Development / Department of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism of the Republic of Congo. From 2003 to present:_x000D_
4. Teacher at the School Complex in Yolo Mom KINGONGO South in the Commune of Kalamu Kinshasa / Democratic Republic of Congo. Courses taught: General Biology, Microbiology
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
PhD student at ERAIFT, Regional Postgraduate School of Planning and Integrated Management of Tropical Forests and Territories) and University of Liege/Belgium Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech(Agricultural Sciences and Biological Engineering)Years: 2011-2014,_x000D_
Diploma in Advanced Studies (DESS) in "participatory development and management of forest resources. " Regional Centre for Special Education in Agriculture (CRESA) / Forest-Environment. Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA)
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Sustainable management of biodiversity and climate change in the forest landscape Maringa-Wamba Lopori. Democratic Republic of Congo. Thesis in ERAIFT and ULg/GxA; 2. Perceptions and Realities in the fight against the degradation of biodiversity in the forest landscape Maringa-Wamba Lopori-in Equateur province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Memory Master. Unpublished. CRESA Forêt Bois. FASA / University of Dschang. Yaounde / Republic of Cameroon. 2006; _x000D_
3. Contribution to the fight against deforestation and exploitation of biodiversity in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Memory Master. Unpublished. Faculty of Science. University of Kinshasa. Kinshasa / Democratic Republic of Congo. 2002; _x000D_
4. “Assessment of sustainability of farming systems and use of natural resources in the province of Bas Congo. Final work cycle (TFC). Unpublished. Faculty of Science. University of Kinshasa. Kinshasa / Democratic Republic of Congo. 1999.
Other activities
1. ONg Assadev International ; _x000D_
2. Reseau écovilage ONG_x000D_
3. Espoir pour tous
Organisation name
Ministry of Environment
Organisation street address
15, Avenue Papa ILEO (ex des cliniques ) Gombe
Organisation city