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Independent experts nominated by country party

He Shang

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Job function
Dr., Associate Professor
Research Inst. of Forest Ecol. and Env.
Telephone number
86 10 62 88 95 56
Work experience
I have led the following two major research projects:_x000D_
1) "Studies on variation of tree ring under environmental pollution", sponsored by Chinese Academy of Forestry Foundation._x000D_
2) Studies on "selection of tree species resisting air pollution by open-top chamber in Beijing region", sponsored by Science and Technical Commission of Beijing City, China._x000D_
Participated in the project "The bio-indication environmental changes by dendrochronological methods", sponsored by National Nature Science Foundation of China"._x000D_
At the moment, I am involved in the China-Korea Cooperation Project, effects of air pollution and acid rain on forest in South China, sponsored by Republic of Korea Government._x000D_
Experience in the following field:_x000D_
Mechanisms of Ecological Physiological Responses of Air Pollution Stress to Garden Trees: By using open-top chamber the growth, Physiological and Biochemical responses to a few air pollutants (including SO2, NO2, C2H4) were investigated. The air pollution resistan
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- Sept. 1981 to July 1985: B.Sc. Diploma, working on "kinds of techniques of tree planting in semi-arid and sub-humid areas of China", the Shenyang Agricultural University, China._x000D_
- Sept. 1987 to July 1990: M.Sc. degree, working on "Application of Gray System Theory in Tree Planting in western Liaoning Province of China", the Shenyang Agricultural University, China._x000D_
- Sept. 1990 to July 1993: D.Sc. degree, working on studies on the "Environmental Pollution by Dendrochronological Methods in S
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Zhao Ronghui and Shang He. 1997. Water and Soil Conservation Theory. Chinese Environmental Science Publisher House._x000D_
2. Shang He et al. 1994. Study on the Bio-indication Environmental Pollution by Tree Ring Width, Tree Ring Element Content and Bark Element Content. Journal of Shenyang Agricultural University. 25 (symposium): 98-104._x000D_
3. Shang He et al. 1997. Preliminary Research on the Reasons of Declining and Dying of Palaeo-Chinese. Journal of Shenyang Agricultural University. 28(1): 39-43._x000D_
4. Guangjing Ma, He Shang 1994. Forest, Environment and Sustainable Development (thesis book): 63-67. Editors: Desh Bandhu, H. Bongartz, A. Ghafoor Ghaaznavi and B. Gopal, Indian Environmental Society, New Delhi._x000D_
5. Guangjing Ma, He Shang. 1994. Chang of Nutrition Balance, Soil Properties and Related Technique in Declining Forest Stand of Air Polluted area. Air pollution & Multiple Stress (thesis book): 39. 16th International Meeting for Specialists in Air Pollutioin Effects
Other activities
I am a amember of the Chinese society of Ecology and a member of the Chinese society of Forestry.
Organisation name
Chinese Academy of Forestry
Organisation street address
Wanshoushan, 100091
Organisation city
Organisation country