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Independent experts nominated by country party

Hejun Zuo

Associate Professor
First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Restoration Ecology
Thematic Areas
Geographical Focus
Job function
Ecology and Environment college of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Vice-president of Ecology and Environment College. Director of CNSC.
Telephone number
0086 471 4306936
Work experience
_ My researches have been supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Inner Mongolia Natural Science Foundation, National Forestry Bureau etc. One 948 program I undertook have been successfully accomplished. Now I am the Vice Chairman of Wind Erosion Control Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Water and Soil Conservation ,I am also the Director of CNSC, Since last several years, I am in charge of the central and local governments dominant characteristic laboratory - sand physics laboratory preparatory work. Over the decades, I am engaged in sand damage in lince railway,diffrerent experiments have been conducted to find out the discipline and methods to control the damage. And I am the expert in dealing with sand damage in railway and highway system,moreover,I have one National Invention Patent about Rotary field gradient of soil erosion sand trap (Patent Application No.201310650643.6) and one National Utility Model Patent(Patent Application No.201320795704.3)_x000D_
Thematic areas: Prevention and Control of Desertification, Traffic line sand damage control, Ecological Restoration in Mining Area, Snow Ecology
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Desert Control, Inner Mongolia Forestry College, 1996 _x000D_
Doctor,Soil and water conservation and desertification control, Inner Mongolia ,2013
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1.Zuo He-jun., Dong Zhi, Wei Jiang-sheng, et al. Benefit Analysis of Sand-prevention Engineering System for Highway in Desert Region, Research of Soil and Water Conservation, 2005,12(6):222-225;_x000D_
2. Zuo He-jun.,Gou Mang-mang., Li Gang-tie., Li Xing.,Study on Sandstorm with BP Neural Network Method ,China Desert, 2010,30(1):193-197;_x000D_
3. Zuo He-jun. Wu Zhi bo,Hao Cai-yuan ,Chen Li-ping,He hui, study on vegelation restoration effect with drip irrigation of railway shetter delt system on typical grassland, Journal of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,. 2009,30(2):109-114;_x000D_
4.Zuo He-jun., Hu Chun-yuan., Gao Yong, Dong Zhi., Sun Xu, Technology for Controlling Sand cn Xindi-Mahuanggou Highway,Journal of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, 2004,25(3):36-40;_x000D_
5. Zuo He-jun., Liu Li, Dong Zhi., Gao Yong., The Maintenance Techniques for the Sand Prevention System Along the Highway Crossing Kubuqi Desert, Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment. 2005,19(3):166-170
Other activities
1. 2007 – the First Host, The State Forestry soft science research pilot project "prevention technology and Policy Study on land degradation in arid areas in foreign countries” Hohhot China;_x000D_
2. 2006 –the First Host, Eleven the five national technology support project sub project "to combat desertification traditional knowledge and technology integration “Hohhot ,China; _x000D_
3. 2008 –the First Host, The national agricultural science and Technology Achievements Transformation Fund projects "Ulan Buh Desert Haloxylon ammodendron artificial inoculation of Cistanche technology integration";_x000D_
4. 2011–the First Host, Science and technology project of the Ministry of Railways "Lince railway sand hazard control technology research”, Hohhot, China; _x000D_
5. 2014 –he First Host, The National Natural Science Foundation Project "in typical steppe region of snow and vegetation interaction effect and mechanism of xilinguole", Hohhot ,China
1. 2004 Youth Outstanding Paper Award in China society of natural resources,Hohhot,China; _x000D_
2. 2006_Inner Mongolia Institute of highway Outstanding Paper Award, Hohhot ,China_x000D_
3. 1999 "Inner Mongolia Almanac" outstanding contributor title, Hohhot ,China;
Organisation name
Inner Mongolia Forestry College
Organisation street address
275 Xueyuan Road, Hohhot P.R.China, 010019
Organisation city
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
Organisation country