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Independent experts nominated by country party

Heriberto Parra Hake

First name
Last name
Parra Hake
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Soil Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Station Director
Northwestern Regional Research Center
Telephone number
52 112 2 90 18
Work experience
- Head of the Experimental Forestry Center "Todos Santos", INIF 1973-1977, Mexico_x000D_
- Director of Northwestern Forestry Research Center, INIF, 1977-1981, Mexico_x000D_
- Director of Forestry, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Center (INIFAP) 1984-1988_x000D_
- Founder and vitae member of Jojoba International Council, 1976_x000D_
- Founder and President of South Baja California Chapter at Bioconservation, A.C., 1978
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Bachelor Degree, Agricultural Engineering, Chapingo Autonomous University (UACH), 1987
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. The Desert Realm - Lands of the Majesty and Mystery. National Geographic Society. Collaborator. Special Publications. Washington D.C., U.S.A., 1982 pp.65-68.
Other activities
- Titular member of California Gulf Environmental Counsulting Association, 1982_x000D_
- North America Director at International Prosopis Association, 1986_x000D_
- Responsible of 16 gradute researches and technical level courses_x000D_
- Lecturer in 126 conferences, seminars and workshops_x000D_
- Author and co-author of 6 articles in Scientific Journals_x000D_
- Member of the Editorial Committee on "Non Wood Forest Species Improvement" at INIFAP since 1994 to date
- Collaborator member at National Forestry Sciences Academy since 1987
Organisation name
Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales Y Agropecuarias
Organisation street address
Altamirano y 5 de Febrero_x000D_
Locales 9 y 11 A, La Paz, CP 23000
Organisation city
Baja California Sur
Organisation country