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Independent experts nominated by country party

Imad Hassoun Homsi

First name
Last name
Hassoun Homsi
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Environmental Remote Sensing
Climate change and adaptation
Climate change and adaptation
Thematic Areas
Geographical Focus
Job function
Agricultural Engineer (AGRONOMIST
Syrian society for the conservation of wild life
Telephone number
00 963 944785350
Work experience
1- Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Desertification and the preparation of the National Strategy to Combat Desertification in the Syrian Arab Republic 2011 – 2013._x000D_
2- UNCCD Focal Point 2000 – 2001._x000D_
3- Chairman of Combating Desertification Committee in the League of Arab State,1996 – 1998._x000D_
4- Remote sensing and range management long terms course, Oct.1980 - July1981, Brookings, South Dakota State University/SDSU, USA._x000D_
5- Deputy Minister of State for Environment Affairs June 2002 – Sep. 2003_x000D_
6- Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Environment Sep 2003 – April 2009._x000D_
7- Deputy Minister of State for Environment Affairs, April 2009 – 12 March 2013._x000D_
8- GEF Operational Focal Point of Syrian Arab Republic, July 2002 – March 2013._x000D_
9- Course on Remote sensing and range management, Oct.1980 - July1981, Brookings, South Dakota State University/SDSU, USA._x000D_
10- Counterpart expert of the German loan project for fruitful afforestationm, under the supervision of a British Company "ATKINS"_x000D_
11- Head of Environment and Climate Section, Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, 1984 – 1988_x000D_
12- Head of Remote Sensing Section, Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, 1988 – 1993_x000D_
13- Head of Technical Group, Ministry of State for Environment Affairs, 1997 – 1998_x000D_
14. Participation in symposiums, seminars, and workshops: (for last 8 years)_x000D_
Discipline: 1- Dry lands Management and Combating Desertification.2- Environmental monitoring and Early Warning System._x000D_
Geographical area of experience: Middle East and Thailand_x000D_
3- Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
BSc. in Agricultural Engineering, Damascus University,1976_x000D_
Diploma on Rural and Land Ecological Survey Using RemoteSensing Technique, University: Enschede – Netherlands, 1987-1988
Other activities
1- National Coordinator of Integrated Pollution Control In Aleppo during 1998 - 2000. This project was funded from LIFE Programme._x000D_
2- National Manager of Biodiversity Conservation and Protected Areas Management Project 2001 – 2002._x000D_
3- Head of the Technical Committee of Biodiversity Conservation and Protected Area Management Project 2007 – 2013_x000D_
4- I had attended about 50 workshops, meetings, forums and conferences dealing with all environmental issues as it is shown in the next schedule._x000D_
5- On the 12th of March 2013 I finished my service in the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, since I reached 62 years old.
1- 2012 honorary award for organizing The 1st Conference of the Scientific Ecological Days_x000D_
2- 2008 honorary award by CBD COP9, Bonn, for achieving the first report on Preparing National Framework Report on Biosafety of Syrian Arab Republic
Organisation name
Environmental Affairs Department
Organisation street address
SSCW Al Mazzah – Al Sheikh Saad, Shabaan Building No. 20 1st fl. P.O. Box 9853
Organisation city
Organisation country
Syrian Arab Republic