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Independent experts nominated by country party

Isacc Waihenya Mundia

First name
Isacc Waihenya
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Political Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Telephone number
254 2 718 050 ext. 2194
Work experience
1. Economist with the Ministry of Lands and Settlement from 1988 to date. Duties include: Evaluation and Monitoring of Ministry's projects; Interpretation and implementation of Government Policy Papers; Data Collection and Analysis;_x000D_
2. Environment: Attended workshop on Environment Impact Assessment, organised by NES in collaboration with UNEP (Oct. 1996);_x000D_
3. Involved in the rural housing survey of Kenya 1987/88;_x000D_
4. Attended, as a delegate, the 2nd UN Conference on Human Settlement (Habitat II), Istanbul, Turkey, June 1996
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
B.A., Economics and Public Administration, Panjab University, India, 1986
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. National report and plan of action on shelter and human settlement to the 2nd UN Conference on Human Settlement (Habitat II) Istanbul, Turkey, 1996_x000D_
2. Report on Urban Planning and Management Indicators for Cities in the Kenya Pilot Project, 1993
Other activities
Committee Member (Ministry's) on the Kenya Energy and Environment Organisation (KENGO) proposal for National Policy and Legal Framework on management of land and land based resources in Kenya - KENGO Environmental Law and Policy Review Project (ELRP II)
Organisation name
Ministry of Lands and Housing
Organisation street address
Organisation city
Organisation country