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Independent experts nominated by country party

Jagir Singh Samra

First name
Jagir Singh
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Soil Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Telephone number
91 135 628564
Work experience
Natural resource conservation through participatory Watershed Management Programme, Rainwater harvesting, storage and equitable recycling for providing sustainable livelihood securities in fragile ecosystem. Inventorizing of forest and soil resources with the help of spatio-temporal models. Approaches of transparency and institution building of people's empowerment for management of resources by the communities. Capacity building by utilizing modern tools and procedures of training, policy research advocacy, micro and macro level planning.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Post Doctorate, Natural Sciences, University of Hannover, FRG, 1989._x000D_
Ph.D., Soil Science, IARI, New Delhi, 1973.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. J.S. Samra, V.N. Sharda and A.K. Sikka 1996. Watershed Harvesting and Recycling. CSWCRTI, Dehradun, India, pp. 1-246._x000D_
2. J.S. Samra and Shiv Charan Singh 1996. Vegetation status and biomass estimates of Rel Majra dam catchment-baseline survey. Indian J. Soil Cons. 24(3):240-247._x000D_
3. J.S. Samra and S.L. Arya 1994. Greening the Aravallis in Haryana. Indian Fmg. 44:75-80._x000D_
4. J.S. Samra, S.S. Grewal and Gurmel Singh 1993. Modelling competition of paired columns of Eucalyptus on interplanted grass. Agro-Forestry Systems 21:177-190._x000D_
5. J.S. Samra and H.S. Gill 1993. Modelling of variation in a sodium contaminated and associated tree growth. Soil Sci. 155:148-153.
Other activities
1. Fellow, Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation, FRG._x000D_
2. Fellow, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, India._x000D_
3. Life Member, Indian Society of Soil Science._x000D_
4. Life Member, Indian Society of Agronomy._x000D_
5. Life Member, Indian Society of Tree Scientists.
1. ICAR Team Research Award._x000D_
2. Hari Om Ashram Award (Social Forestry).
Organisation name
Central Soil & Water Conservation Research Training Institute
Organisation street address
218, Kaulagarh Road, 248 195
Organisation city
Organisation country