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Jiabao Zhang

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
Job function
Professor in Soil Science/Head of Dept.
Soil Physics and Salinity/Inst. of Soil Science
Telephone number
86 25 3365844
Work experience
Principal research interests have been in the areas of soil water, soil ecology and soil environmental quality; development of best management practices to control and minimize soil degradation. Since 1987, as project leader, coordinated the following research projects:_x000D_
1. Strategy for soil science of China in future (supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China._x000D_
2. Modeling of soil water movement in hilly area of red soil of southern China (supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China)._x000D_
3. Water balance in slopping field (supported by the Laboratory of Material Cycling in Pedosphere of Chinese Academy of Sciences);_x000D_
4. Management practices for water-saving agriculture (State Key Project, supported by State Science and Technology Commission)._x000D_
5. The productivity potential in Three-Gorge Reservoir area (State Key Project, supported by State Science and Technology Commisstion). He also did some international cooperation research projects: 1. Soil str
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ph.D. degree, Soil Science, International Rice Research Institute, University of Philippines, 1990._x000D_
M.S. degree, Soil Science, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1985._x000D_
B.S. degree, Soil Science, Nanjing Agricutlure University, China, 1982.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Zhang, Jiabao, Kurt Roth, Zhihong Cao, and Hongxia Zhu, 1997, Transport of Contaminants in Vadose Zone and Prevention of Groundwater Pollution (in English), 2131 pages, Southeastern University Publishing House._x000D_
2. Zhao, Qiguo, Jiabao Zhang, Xianliang Yao, 1996. Strategy for Natural Sciences Development in China: Soil Science (in Chinese), 124 pages, Science Press in Beijing._x000D_
3. Zhang, Jiabao, Tan Qinmei, 1995, Fundament for Water Cycling and Soil Water Balance(in Chinese), in edosphere: Material Cycling in Pedosphere and Agriculture and Environment (edited by Qiguo Zhao), p. 195-209, Jiangsu Scientific Publishing House._x000D_
4. Zhang, Jiabao, Chengzgai Zhao, 1998. Rice-soil Management for Prompt and Effective Wheat Emergence and Grain Production in Rice-Wheat Cropping Sequence in Subtropical Area of China (in English), Soil Technology, special issue._x000D_
5. Zhang, Jiabao, Yu Defeng, Zhu Hongxia, He Yuanqiu, 1997. Study on the water consumption and demand of crops in red soil of
Other activities
1. Visiting scientist in Dept. of Soil and Environmental Sciences, University of Californai at Riverside, USA, in 1994. 7-1995. 6._x000D_
2. Visiting professor in Dept. of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management, University of Melbourne, Australia in 1997. 2-3._x000D_
3. Visiting professor in Institute of Soil Science and Land Evaluation, University of Hohenhein, Gerrmany in 1997. 7-9._x000D_
4. Member of International Soil Science Society._x000D_
5. Member of Soil Science Society of China, Vice-Chairman of Commission of Soil Physics, Soil Science Society of China (1992-present).
1. Integrated practices for improvement of red soil in Northeastern part of Jiangxi province has been awarded as second prize by Jiangxi provincial government in 1997._x000D_
2. Potential productivity for re-newable natural resources (soil, water, plant) and
Organisation name
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Organisation street address
71 East Beijing Road, 210008
Organisation city
Organisation country