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Jiaojun Zhu

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Institute Of Applied Ecology
Work experience
1. Establishing a research group of "ecology and management of secondary forests", and Qingyuan experimental station of forest ecology, institute of applied ecology (CAS). Mainly carrying out the ecological processes of secondary forest ecosystems. Developing the theory and technology of forest disturbance ecology for management practice of secondary forests. _x000D_
2.Establishing the key laboratory of management for non-commercial forests of Liaoning province. Exploring the theory and technology of protective forests (shelterbelts, sand-fixation forests, and water and soil conservation forests, coastal forests) management.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
PHD, Biosphere Science, Niigata University, Japan, 2001 Master of Science, Ecology, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy Of Sciences, China, 1990 _x000D_
Bachelor of Science, Forest Science, Shenyang Agriculture University, China, 1987
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Yan Ql, Zhu Jj*, Hu Zb, Sun Jx. 2011. Environmental Impacts of the Shelter Forests in Horqin Sandy Land, Northeast China. Journal of Environmental Quality, 40: 815-824. _x000D_
2. Zhu Jj*, Yan Ql, Fan an, Yang K, Hu Zb. 2009. The Role Of Environmental, Root, And Microbial Biomass Characteristics In Soil Respiration In Temperate Secondary Forests Of Northeast China. Trees-Structure And Function, 23: 189-196._x000D_
3. Hu Ll, Zhu Jj*. 2009. Determination Of Canopy Gap Tridimensional Profiles Using Two Hemispherical Photographs. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 149: 862-872. _x000D_
4. Zhu Jj*. 2008. Wind Shelterbelts. In: Sven Erik Jørgensen, Brian D. Fath (Eds.) Encyclopedia Of Ecology, 3803-3812. Elsevier: Oxford._x000D_
5. Zhu Jj*, Matsuzaki T, Gonda Y. 2003. Optical Stratification Porosity as A Measure Of Vertical Canopy Structure In A Japanese Pine Coastal Forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 173: 89-104
Other activities
1. Director Of Qingyuan Experimental Station Of Forest Ecology; Principle Investigator Of Research Group "Ecology And Management Of Secondary Forests", Institute Of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy Of Sciences (CAS) _x000D_
2. Manager of Key Laboratory Of Management For Non-Commercial Forests Of Liaoning Province, China_x000D_
3. Editorial Member of Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology _x000D_
4. Editorial Member of Journal of Forestry Research _x000D_
5. Editorial Member of Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology
1. 2010, IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organizations) Scientific Achievement Award. IUFRO Honors and Awards Committee_x000D_
2. 2010, Winner Of National Science Fund For Distinguished Young Scholars. National Natural Science Foundation of China_x000D_
3. 2008, National Award for Progress in Sciences and Technologies, "Management for Protective Forests in North China". National Committee of Sciences & Technologies, China
Organisation name
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Organisation street address
72 Wenhua Road
Organisation city
Organisation country