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Independent experts nominated by country party

Jong Choon Woo

First name
Jong Choon
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Job function
Dept of Forest Resources
Telephone number
82 361 243 4484
Work experience
Project participant in Brazil during Visiting Professor at the University of Brasilia with the Topic "Farm Land use Classification for the planning of planting of Eucalyptus Spp at Mato Grosso do Sul of Brazil using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ph.D Forest Management Freiburg University of Germany, 1988
Number of Publications
Publication titles
Woo, Jong Choon. 10 co author, 1990, New Forest Management, 42pp, Hyangmoon Publisher, Seoul, Korea, Classical and new methods for Forest Management Planning._x000D_
Woo Jong Choon and Ming-Jong Lee, 1998, A study on the method of constucting GIS database for forest resources management, J. Res. KW. No.18_x000D_
Woo, Jong Choon. 2 co author, 1999, A Study on the Planning of Forest Land-use Classification using GIS, Jour Res. For. Kangwon Nat'l Univ. No. 19_x000D_
Woo, Jong Choon. 2 co author, 1999, Estimating the forest cover types on experimental forest of Kangwon National University using Landsat-5 TM data. _x000D_
Woo, Jong Choon. 2 Co author, 1999, Farm-Land use classification for the planning of planting of Eucalyptus Spp. At Mato Grosso do Sul of Brazil using Remote sensing and Geographic Information System, Jour. Koryom For. Soc., 88(2) 157-168
Other activities
Director, Korean Forest Economics Society_x000D_
Director, Korean Forestry Society_x000D_
Member, Korea Geographic Information Society_x000D_
Member, Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society_x000D_
Member, Korean Association for Forest Manager
Organisation name
Kangwon National University
Organisation street address
192-1 Hyoja-dong_x000D_
Organisation city