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Independent experts nominated by country party

Joseph Anthony Tabor

First name
Joseph Anthony
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Agricultural Sciences
Soil Science
Medical Science
UN languages spoken



Job function
Researcher/Independent Consultant
Telephone number
1 520 325-3466
Work experience
Over 20 years of experience in natural resource management, agriculture, and public health in North America, Caribbean, Africa, & Asia. Experience includes the disciplines of Agronomy, Botany, Pedology, Forestry, Ecology, & Epidemiology. Analytical skills includestatistical analysis, GIS, Satellite image processing, & interviewing techniques conducted environmental assessments, project monitoring and evaluation, natural resource mapping, project identification and design, research, training, and teaching. Direct experience with food security, disater relief, epidemiology, GIS and GPS, aerial videography, satellite image processing, on-site wastewater treatment, water-harvesting, irrigation management, ethnoecology, and rapide rural appraisals. Employers, clients and funding agencies include care, save the children, catholic refief services, city of mMalibu California, centers for disease control and prevention, kingdom of Saudi arabia, USAID, USDOJ, USDA, IFA, UNDP, WFP & Universities
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Master of Public health- University of Arizona_x000D_
Environmental health & Epidemiology, Tucson, 80% completed as of 6/01_x000D_
Mater of Science, University of Arizona_x000D_
Soil Physics, Tucson, May 1983_x000D_
Bachelor of Science with Honors, University of Tennessee_x000D_
Agronomy & Botany, knoxville, June 1978
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Krasil'Nikov, P.V. & J.A. Tabor. Functional uses of ethnopedology_x000D_
History and perspectives. Geoderma. (In review for special issue on ethnopedology)._x000D_
2. Tabor, J.A. "Improving crop yields in the sahel through water-harvesting". J. of arid environments. 30:83-106. 1995._x000D_
3. Tabor, J.A. "Introduction to aridic soils, their classification, and how they develop" in aridic soils of the United states and Israel. Accessible on the internet at Http:// Office of arid lands studies, university of arizona. 1997_x000D_
4. Tabor, J.A. and C.F. hutchinson. "Using indigenous knowledge, remote sensing, and GIS for sustainable development" Indigenous knowledge & development monitor. 2(1): 2-6. 1994. Also accessible on the internet at http:/
5. Tabor, J.A., A.W. Warrick, D.E. Myers, and D.A. pennington. "Spatial variability of nitrate in irrigated cotton: II soil nitrate and correlated variables." Soil SCI, SOC. AM
Other activities
1. Conducted a baseline survey of mosquito populations for the city of Tucson water department, Tucson Arizona. Trapped, identified, and mapped mosquitoes at the city's artificial wetland wastewater treatment facility and in surrounding communities._x000D_
2. Mosquito control task force leader for a neighborhood Association_x000D_
3. Wrote and manage a grant fnded by centers for disease control and prevention to determine the environmental antecedents for valley fever (coccidioidomycosis)._x000D_
4. Arcpacs certified professional soil scientist_x000D_
5. Member of American Mosquito Control Association
Organisation name
University of Arizona
Organisation street address
University of Arizona_x000D_
1955 E 6th St. Tucson, P.O Box 245177
Organisation city
Tucson, Arizona 85724
Organisation country
United States of America