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Josiane Seghieri

First name
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Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
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Job function
Chargé de Recherche
Wildlife & Ecology
Telephone number
33 5 61 55 85 33
Work experience
I am specialized in the relationships between water, soil and vegetation in arid and semi-arid environments. As such, I worked on the consequences of overexploitation on disfunctioning of soil water regime and, by that, on vegetation structure, dynamics and physiological functioning._x000D_
On some very arid substrats under limited rainfall, bare areas are not relevant to degradation processes but to a natural adaptation of the vegetation distribution to optimize water trapping by the way of runoff-runon structure. Generally, the productivity of these heterogeneous systems is higher than a diffuse distribution of the vegetation in similar soil and climate conditions._x000D_
Now, stating from these findings, observed in Mexico and in Australia as well as in Africa (and probably observable in most of the arid/semi-arid zones in the world), I am working with an australian team on their conceptual approach of the landscape function. It consists in deducing, from the nature and the scale of the patc
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
University qualifications (degree, subject, university, year)_x000D_
PhD Physiology and Biology of organisms and populations, option Ecosystems, USTL, Montpellier II, 1990__x000D_
Degree: Doctoral thesis in Organisms and Population Biology, option: Population Biology and Ecosystems. Subject: Seasonal dynamics of a Sudano-Sahelian savanna in North Cameroon. University of Sciences and Techniques in Languedoc (USTL), Montpellier II, 1990.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1.Seghieri J., Floret C. & Pontanier R.. 1994. Development of an herbaceous cover in a Sudano-Sahelian savanna in North Cameroon in relation to available soil water. Vegetatio 114 : 175-184._x000D_
2.Seghieri J., Floret C. & Pontanier R. 1995. Plant phenology in relation to water availability : herbaceous and woody species in the savannas of northern Cameroon. Journal of Tropical Ecology 11 : 237-254._x000D_
3. Seghieri J., Galle S., Rajot J.L. & Ehrmann M. 1997. Relationships between soil moisture and growth of herbaceous plants in a natural vegetation mosaic in Niger. Journal of Arid Environment 36 : 87-102._x000D_
4. Seghieri J. & Galle S. 1999. Runoff contribution to a sahelian two-phase mosaic system : soil water regime and vegetation life cycles. Acta Oecologica 20: 209-218._x000D_
5. Couteron P. Mahamane A., Ouedraogo P. & Seghieri J. 2000. Differences between banded thickets (Tiger bush) at two sites in West Africa. Journal of Vegetation Science.
Other activities
1. RZA member (Arid Zones Network)_x000D_
2. PARCOURS member (Rangeland of northern and Sahelian Africa Network)_x000D_
3. 1988-1989 Project Officer in IUCN-Tropical Forest Program.
Organisation name
Organisation street address
Centre d'Etudes Spatiales de la BIOsphere (CESBIO) 18_x000D_
avenue Edouard Belin, 31401, 4
Organisation city
Toulouse Cedex
Organisation country