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Independent experts nominated by country party

Ju C hun Luo

First name
Ju C hun
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Job function
Professor, PhD: Supervisor
College of Forest Resources and Env.
Telephone number
86 10 62 33 85 31
Work experience
- Teaching Forest Ecology, Silviculture and Advanced Ecology, in Beijing Forestry University, in 1961 to present._x000D_
- The head of silvicultural research group, North east Forest Experimental Station, Beijing Forestry College, in 1961-1966._x000D_
- Surveying and researching forest types and tree special in Yunnan. Sichuan and Hu Nan Province. In 1973-1979._x000D_
- Surveying and researching forest distribution and site in Qinhai. Gan Su and Ning Xia province. in 1976-1977._x000D_
- Researching the productivity and site secondary forests in He Bai and Shan Xi province._x000D_
- Investigating the forest's distribution classification and environment in Tibet March to Setttpt. in 1978._x000D_
- The head of research group, researching the site classification and direct seeding of burned area, and making the long plan and design in the Great Xingan Mountains (1988-1989)._x000D_
- Leading the research group, completed the design and reform of sand land, and formed an agroforestry experience area of ShanDong province, In 1990-
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Studied in Forest Department, Beijing Forestry College in 1956-1961._x000D_
Studied in Foreign Language Training Center in 1980-1981.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Luo Ju-Chun 1990: The site classification of Mo-He Forest Region in Great Xingan Mountain Region. Journal of Beijing Forestry University. Supp. I._x000D_
2. Luo Ju-Chun 1992. The broad leaved Korean pine forest in China, proceedings of International workshop on Subalpine stone Pine and their Environment (Switzerland 81-84)._x000D_
3. Luo Ju-Chun: 1994. The problem of Sustainable development and sustainable forestry development in China. Worrld Forestry Research Vol. 7 N°6, 48-52._x000D_
4. Sun Shi Xian, Luo Ju Chun: 1994. Silviculture The Forestry Publishing House of China._x000D_
5. Li Wen Hua, Luo Ju Chun: 1994. Agroforestry in China. The Science Publishing House.
Other activities
1. Visited America in May-June 1985, Visited Switzerland in Sept.Oct. 1992._x000D_
2. Taking charge of the Symposium of Forest Nature reserve construction and biodiversity-protection of China, in Nov. 1996._x000D_
3. Taking charge of the train class of forestry sustainable development of China. in Oct. 1997._x000D_
4. I am Vice-president of Forest Ecological Society of China._x000D_
5. I am the member of Authorization Committee of National Nature Reserve of China.
1. I was awarded the Science-technical advanced Prize by the Ministry of Forestry 1994._x000D_
2. I was awarded the title of exemplary teacher on the agri-forestry development research the Ministry of Forestry, by the Committee of National Education with the
Organisation name
Beijing Forestry University
Organisation street address
Organisation city
Organisation country