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Independent experts nominated by country party

Julio Iván González Piedra

First name
Julio Iván
Last name
González Piedra
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
UN languages spoken



Job function
Chief of Research Group
Telephone number
53 7 831 23 17 / 45 24 02
Work experience
-Professor at Univ. of Havan_x000D_
-Head of Research Group of Hydroclimatology and Watershed Management_x000D_
-Licenciature, Hydrology, Water Balance, applied Hydrology_x000D_
-Researcher in the projects: anthropization in watersheds on the west part of Cuba and evaluation of modification in the hydrological cycle (CITMA), Regional Hydroclimatological Studies and watershed management on Cuban environment (Univ. Havana), Study for the management of model watersheds in Cuba and Mexico (UNAM, Univ. Havana), Population and sustainable of development at the peninsula of Yucatán, Mexico.” (IIASA, Austria, Mexico)_x000D_
-Participant in more than 20 scientific meetings_x000D_
-Principal Assessor of 4 Ph.D. thesis_x000D_
National Committee of Scientific Hydrology_x000D_
Cuban Committee for IHD and IHP_x000D_
Commission for scientific degrees in natural sciences of Havana Univ._x000D_
National permanent Commission of Geography for Scientific Degrees_x000D_
-President of the Scientific Council of the Fa
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
-PhD in Geography, Russia
Number of Publications
Publication titles
-“Hidrología Práctica” Edit Pueblo y Educación, Cuba, 1988_x000D_
-“Aspectos teórico-metodológicos de la relación medioambiente-manejl de cuencas.” Resume of II Congress Latin-America “de Manejo de Cuencas Hidrográficas.” Venezuela, 1994_x000D_
-“Estudio para el Manejo de Cuencas Hidrológicas Modelo en las Republicas de Mexico y Cuba.” GEOUNAM, vol. 3, Num 2, Mexico, 1996_x000D_
-“Metodologia para la Evalucion y Clasificacion de la antropizacion en Cuencas Hidrográficas.” Resume of I latinamerican seminar of “Geografia Física”, Univ. Havana, Cuba, p. 24, 2000_x000D_
-“Características temporales y espaciales de la evaporación desde la superficie libre del agua en el occidente de la Isla de Cuba.” Press: Rev. ALQUIBLA, No. 7, Spain, 2001
-Medal of alphabetization_x000D_
-Medal for the Cuban Education_x000D_
-Medal “Rafael Maria Mendive”_x000D_
-Medal “José Tey”_x000D_
stamp anniversary of Havana Univ_x000D_
annual Premium for the Scientific Work_x000D_
Premium for the best finished project in 2001
Organisation name
Universidad de Lima
Organisation street address
Calle L # 353_x000D_
Vedado, Plaza
Organisation city
La Habana
Organisation country