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Independent experts nominated by country party

Kaiping Gu

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Physical Science
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Ph D
Telephone number
86 10 85371282/13381183523
Work experience
1. It is mainly engaged in the China carbon Circulate,in which the subject research work including: _x000D_
(1)Guide graduate student Zhang Deying finish: the Study of Estimation for carbon line_of categories of steel industrial carbon sources _x000D_
(2)Guide graduate student Wang Xuena finish: estimation of carbon row-energy of categories of fossil fuels row carbon research. _x000D_
(3)Guide Liu Xueying compiete:Carbon Source row Carbon Estimation Method Research he change of land use and forest ecological class carbon source in China of the straw of carbon emissions reductions output and exhaust goal study . (4)Guide graduate student Che Weihong finish: the estimation total row carbon of industrial carbon source and energy carbon sources estimating _x000D_
(5) Guide graduate student Zhang Kun finish: forest carbon metering method research and our forest carbon capacity prediction. _x000D_
(6)Guide Ph D Liuna finish: the study of carbon trading market feasibility and architecture research. _x000D_
2?Now another major research fields are biomass materials research and development, completed the Forestry Ministry subject, woodiness polymerization of new material (polymer composite wood) development ", in 2006, the third of the persons involved, the state forestry administration of 25 million funding projects approved through the identification, already.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
(In that period no degree system in China) Atomic Nucleus physics, Beijing University, 1969
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1.Liu Na,Gu Kaiping(corresponding author),<China regional carbon circulation research ,Anhui Agriculture Science,2009,17,the National Chinese core journals, the National Science Core journals. _x000D_
2.Chen Genchang,Gu Kaiping, <Plant biomass material modification and application research state of aggregation>,biomass chemical engineering,Vol.43 No.6,2009,11.Chinese science core journals, the United States<chemical abstract>(CA) included journals. _x000D_
3.Gu kaiping,Zhang Kun,Zhang Lixia, The Metering method Research for Carbon Sequestration in Forestry , journal of Nanjing Forestry University (natural science edition),2008,5,core journals. _x000D_
4.Hou Ning , Gu Kaiping(corresponding author), From System Science to the Scientific Outlook on Education Development ,Future and Development,2009 November issue, CSSCL core journals. _x000D_
5.Zhang Lixia,Zhang Deying,Gu KAIping(corresponding author),<The forest system simulation model structure analysis and simulation>,journal of jiangxi agricultural university,2004,26(5);core journals .
Other activities
1.Chinese System Engineering Society Forestry System Professional Committee, vice-chairman of Council
1. 1990 National Scientific and Technological Progress Prize (third class), project: The Present and Future of forest Resources in China, the first of the persons involved._x000D_
2, 1991, Science and Technology Progress Prize (The third class) of Heilongjiang Province, project: forest resources monitoring system of Songhuajiang forestry Bureau, the first of the persons involved._x000D_
3, 1990 Forestry Ministry "middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contribution" title
Organisation name
Beijing Forestry University
Organisation street address
No.35 Qinghua east Road, Haidian District, 100083
Organisation city
Organisation country