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Independent experts nominated by country party

Kotchikpa Okoumassou

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Biodiversity and ecosystem sciences
Other Disciplines
1. Sustainable tropical Forestry management 2. Protected areas and fight against Desertification. 3. Sustainable wildlife used 4. Climate change and biodiversity
Thematic Areas
Sustainable land management
Climate change
UN languages spoken



Geographical Focus
Burkina Faso
Job function
Protected areas and wildlife, National Focal Point of the Convention on biological diversity
Telephone number
Work experience
1. 2012, ornithological study of international airport GNASSINGBE Eyadéma, management strategy for risk reduction;
2. February 2009: Complete counts of waterbirds in Togo as a contribution to the data on counts of waterbirds in Africa;
3. March 2008, Participation in the development of the plan of action of the Park National Oti-Keran/MERF;
4. January/February 2008, Contribution to the initial study of the programm of work on protected areas and the definition of a priority framework in Togo; Expert report.
5. August 2008 to January 2009: conducting the process of mobilization of funds from the United Nations Programm for development (UNDP) and development of action plan following by data collecting in the field for development of the 4th national report of the CDB.
6. February 2007: Wetlands and water birds study, - FAO project OSRO/GLO/504/MUL relating to avian flu;
7. April - June 2007, development strategy of exploitation of property and reconvened lands of South part of Togodo National Park / MERF /, mission DFC (methodological support);
8. Study of wildlife for the development of the planning and management of the Botanic Bayeme zoo park plan;
9. January 2004, study of Identification of Nature Reserves of likely Togo to be registered on the list of world heritage, expert report;
10. April 2004, proposal of two natural reserves of Togo, Fazao-Malfacassa and complex Keran-Oti-Mandouri, on the list of world heritage of biospheres reserves
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
MSc: National Agriculture school of Tove in Togo: forestry Option: 1979-1982
PhD as Specialist of wildlife school, Cycle B, Garoua in Cameroun, 1989-1991
Yunan à Kuming en République de Chine, 2004, Development and management of tropical forests (Science and the forest technology school) ;
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Man - Elephant Conflict in Togo, 1995, Pachyderm No. 24 p17-22.
2. African society and its environment, Flamboyant, March 1996.
3. Elephant distribution study in Extreme Northeastern Ghana and the northern Togo, 1997, pachyderm No. 25 p 44.
4. Total aerial census of elephants in the ecosystem W-Arly-Pendjari-Oti-Mandouri-Keran (WAPOK), Bouché and al, 2003).
5. Human Impacts study on the areas of Distribution and Migration Corridor of the Populations of Elephants in Togo, 2004; Pachyderm, N° 36
Other activities
1. Protection, development of national parks and other analogues;
2. Promotion of the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the exploitation of genetic resources;
3. Development and participatory exploitation of protected areas, wildlife and biodiversity;
4. Sustainable management and development of plantations tropical
5. Development strategies, programs and projects related to the protection of the fauna, flora, as well as wetlands;
Organisation nature
Protected areas and wildlife
Organisation street address
52 Rue de la Kozah, 01
BP 355
Organisation city
Organisation country