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Independent experts nominated by country party

Lianyou Liu

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Job function
Research Professor
Telephone number
86 931 884 76 31
Work experience
1. Work Experience:_x000D_
- 1988-1990, Research trainee at IDRCAS; 1990-1993, Research Assistant; 1993-1994, guest scholar at the Laboratory of Geomorphology, Free University of Berlin, Germany; 1994-1998, Associate Researcher; 1998 to date, Research Professor._x000D_
2. Project Experience: (Advisory)_x000D_
- 'Accelerating effect of cultivation on arid land soil erosion by wind', (sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences)_x000D_
- 'Evaluation on Acolian hazards in arid region of Northwestern China, (sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences)_x000D_
- 'Structural mechanical characteristics and antideflational mechanisms of topsoil in semi-arid region' (sponsored by the National Science Foundation of China)_x000D_
3. Project Experience (Participant)_x000D_
- Total of nine projects in the field of desertification, desert agricultural development and land use assessment by remote sensing._x000D_
4. Field and Practical Experience:_x000D_
- Areas of field travel and investigation: Ordos Plateau, Xilin Gol Steppe, Tengger Desert, Ulan B
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- B.Sc., Physical Geography, Lanzhou University, 1981-85_x000D_
- M.Sc., Desertification, Institute of Desert Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IDRCAS), 1985-88_x000D_
- Ph.D., Geomorphology and Environment, Lanzhou University
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Liu, L.Y., Wang, J.H., Li, Y., 1998: Determination of the erodible particles on cultivated soils by wind tunnel simulation, Chinese Science Bulletin, 43(19): 16, 46-51;_x000D_
2. Liu, L.Y., 1999: Quantity, intensity of regional aeolian sand erosion and deposition, ACTA Geographica Sinica, 45 (1);_x000D_
3. Liu, L.Y., Liu, Y.Z., and Li, X.Y., 1999: Effect of gravel mulch on restraining soil deflation, Journal of Desert Research, 19(1): 60-62;_x000D_
4. Liu, L.Y., Liu, Z.M., Zhang, J.S., 1997: Sources of dune sand and desertification processes, wide valley of Yarlung Zangbu River, Tibet, Journal of Desert Research, 17(4): 377-382;_x000D_
5. Yu, G.S., Liu, L.Y., 1993: Holocene desert environment change in the Northwestern fringe of the Eastern Asian Monsoon Region, Science in China (Series B), 23(2): 202-208.
Other activities
Member of the Geographical Society of China
Organisation street address
174 Donggang West Road, 730000
Organisation city
Organisation country