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Independent experts nominated by country party

Linhe Wang

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Plant Science
Soil Science
Geographical Focus
Job function
College of Ecology and environment Science
Telephone number
86 13304716985
Work experience
The Key Techniques and the Follow-up Industry Development of Sand Fixation and Carbon Sink Forest Construction of Sabina 2011-2013_x000D_
The Picopulse Construction and Industrialization Development of Shrub Forest Carbon Sink 2010,9-2013,9_x000D_
The National Germplasm Conservation of Salix Psammophila Clones in Molecular Identification 2010-2012_x000D_
The Construction Modes of Green Space of Non-irrigation (Water Saving) Urban in the Semi-arid Area 2009,9-2012,9_x000D_
The Formation mechanism of Condensation Water and the Effect of Plant Growth of Different Underlying Surfaces in Arid Areas 2008,1-2010,12_x000D_
The Research of Mechanical Properties of Soil Erosion Resistance of Main Tree Species of Soil and Water Conservation under Compound Corrosion of Wind and Water 2007-2009_x000D_
The Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Sabina in Semi-arid Area in Western China 2005,-2006, 12 _x000D_
The Fine - root Production and Turnover of Sabina vulgaris Community in Ecosystem in MU us Sandy Land 2005, 1-2007, 12_x000D_
The Study on Restoration and Reconstruction of Sabina in Degraded Ecosystems in Arid and Semi-arid Areas in China 2003, 1-2005, 12_x000D_
The Afforestation and Application Demonstration of Sabina 2002, 7—2005, 6
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Doctor degree Plant resources production ehime university
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Desert Science Inner Mongolia People's Publishing House, 1998_x000D_
2. Sandy Kinematics Remote Publishing House, 2004_x000D_
3. Desert Resource Science Remote Publishing House, 2006_x000D_
4. Natural Afforestation of the Drought Kyoritsu Publishing, 2004_x000D_
5.Physiological and Ecological Characteristics and Population Recovery and Reconstruction of Sabina Science Press, 2011
Other activities
1. Judges of National Natural Science Foundation _x000D_
2. Director of the eighth Chinese Agronomy _x000D_
3. Judges of Natural Science Foundation of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region _x000D_
4. Director of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Meteorology_x000D_
5. Director of the Inner Mongolia Ecological Society
1. The second prize of science and technology progress award of Inner Mongolia Region
Organisation name
Inner Mongolia Forestry College
Organisation street address
Number275 in East Xinjian street,Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
Organisation city
Organisation country