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Independent experts nominated by country party

Luis Rendon Pimentel

First name
Last name
Rendon Pimentel
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
UN languages spoken



Job function
Districts and Irrigation Units
Telephone number
52 5 6632209
Work experience
* Work construction Resident in Sinaloa, Mexico, Presidential Project "Benito Juarez" Secretaria de Agricultura y Ganaderai (1974-1975)._x000D_
* Postgraduates College: a) researcher at Regional Center for the Tropics, Veracruz, Mexico, 1979-1983 b) Professor and resaercher in the Hydrosciences Center, Titualr scientific for courses of Irrigation by gravity and Water movement in partially saturated soils 1987-1992. c) principal of the HydroSciences Center 1990-1992._x000D_
* General Manager in Technology of Irrigation and Drainage, Technology of the Water Mexican Institute (IMTA) 1992 to date.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
* Agronomist engineer with an Irrigation Specialty at E.N.A. Chapingo, Mexico 1967-1974_x000D_
* M. Sc. Irrigation and Drainage Specialist at Postgraduate College, Montecillo, Mexico, 1976-1979_x000D_
* Advanced Studies Diploma, Universidad Cientifica, Technologica y Medica de Grenoble, Francia, 1983-1984_x000D_
* Doctorate in Sciences, Mechanical of Fluid Specialist, Universidad Cietifica, Technologica y Medica, Grenoble, Francia, 1984-1987
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Calibration of mathematicla model for irrigation by suction. Future Developments in Soil Science Research, a collection of SSSA Golden Anniversary._x000D_
2. Study of the hysteresis and the relation between capilar potential and soil humidity_x000D_
3. Determination of an infiltration physic-empirical equation for a melga_x000D_
4. Infiltration equations and theirs applicability_x000D_
5. Water movements in soils : the role of analytical solutions
Other activities
* Professor and researcher in the Nationa Researcher Level "I" 1989 to date.
* Second place award for distinguished activities in Teaching, Research and Services Academic Level in the Colegio de Postgraduados, Mexico, 1988._x000D_
* First place award for distinguished sctivities in Teaching, Research and Services Academic Level in the
Organisation name
Instituto Mexicano de Tecnologia del Agua
Organisation street address
Av. Insurgantes Sur no. 1960 - Piso 6, D.F.
Organisation city
Organisation country