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Lyudmila Shardakova

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Information Systems
UN languages spoken



Geographical Focus
Job function
Senior researcher
Research Hydrometeorological Institute (NIGMI) of Uzhydromet
Telephone number
00998 71) 2358461 / 2359140
Work experience
I am concerned with problems of mathematical modeling of aerosol transfer in the atmosphere, and also I am developing data bases of specific observations of environmental state. _x000D_
I was executive of the research grants “To develop the basis and technologies of remote sensing monitoring of atmospheric pollution according to the digital satellite information”, “Investigations of modern dynamics post aquatic land of Aral Sea and ecosystems degradation of PriAral on the basis of satellite data and GIS technologies”_x000D_
I participated as national expert in International EC/FP6 project "Long term ecological research on monitoring aeolian processes in Central Asia" (CALTER) and _x000D_
International EC/FP7 project " “GEO capacity building initiative in Central Asia” (SEOCA)_x000D_
Thematic areas: Environmental Assessments (1. Developing regional mathematical model of aerosol transfer in the atmosphere 2. Developing data bases of specific observations 3. Developing RS applications for environmental monitoring _x000D_
4. Assessment of land degradation); Geographic area(s) of experience: Uzbekistan, Central Asia
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ural State University, Department of Physics, Sverdlovsk, USSR_x000D_
1972-1977, Diploma: Special(i)ty -astronomer
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. G.A. Tolkacheva, L.Yu. Shardakova, Yu.I. Kovalevskaya “Estimation of salt migration in the Aral Sea basin” // J. “Problems of Desert development”. – N 3–4, Ashgabat , 1998, P. 55-59 _x000D_
2. Shardakova L.Yu “Heat Island and Assessment of Free Air State of Tashkent City”.//Proceedings Fifth International Conference on Urban Climate 1-5 September, 2003 Lodz, Poland, VI, 359-363_x000D_
3. L. Yu. Shardakova, Usmanova L.V. “Statistical Analysis of Dust Storms in the Aral Sea Region //J. “Problems of Desert development”. – N 3, Ashgabat , 2006, P. 30-34._x000D_
4. L. Yu. Shardakova, Usmanova L.V. Assessment of the Impact of Industrial Sources on Urban air Quality Territories in Tashkent //Air Water, and Soil Quality Modeling for Risk and Impact Assessment, 2007 Springer 125-134 p._x000D_
5. L. Shardakova, L. Usmanova, Yu. Kovalevskaya. Analysis of Peculiar Features of the Dust Storms Observation in Uzbekistan // Proc. Marburg International Symposium “DSS and Desertification”, 29-30 of September 2009. Marburg. – :Philipps Universitat, Marburg. – P.84-86.
Other activities
1. Member of SGP GEF committee in Uzbekistan (UNDP)
Organisation name
Center for Meteorology and Hydrology
Organisation street address
72, 1 st Bodomzor yuli str._x000D_
Organisation city
Organisation country