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Independent experts nominated by country party

Mansour Hamdi Abu-Ali

First name
Last name
Hamdi Abu-Ali
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Plant Science
Atmospheric Sciences
UN languages spoken




Job function
Associate Professor
Department of Geography
Telephone number
972 9 2370042/2397096
Work experience
* Research Experience:_x000D_
- My research expertise and interest focus on ecology, desertification and climatic change. I worked with geographers (biogeographers) on the subject of rainfall budgets, and oscillations. During my Doctoral studies, I studied the physiographic characteristics, the distribution patterns, and community structure of annual and perennials vegetation species under natural conditions in the semi-arid regions of Jordan (Badia)._x000D_
- On the other hand I studied the economic revenues of the adapted grazing animal (sheep, goats, camels) in the area. The study also involved natural pasture exploit and the modern trends of pasture conservation and management. Desertification and method of Combating desertification and aridization. Currently, I work with Drs. Atkin and P. Alexander from Department of Geography, the University of Durham, England on a joint research on (Livestock on Natural Pastures, on the West Bank of the River Jordan)_x000D_
* Teaching Experience:_x000D_
- Since 19
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- Ph.D., Economic Geography, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt_x000D_
- M.A., Geography - Economics, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt_x000D_
- B.A., Geography, Beirut, Lebanon_x000D_
- Diploma, English Language, Teachers College
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Livestock Raising on Natural Pasture - West Bank - mutual work with Durham University. In research, 1996_x000D_
2. Gene - Resources Reservation and (bio diversity) in Palestine, 1997_x000D_
3. Co2 Concentrate effects on Plants - Ya'abad - Charcoalnirs - Jenin - Palestine, 1997_x000D_
4. Climate Change and Ecosystem in (Dead Sea & Jordan Valley Basin) in press_x000D_
5. The General Geographic Concept of Al-Nino/Southern Oscillation unpublished, 1999
Other activities
1. Senior Member of Arab Atlas Committee, Baghdad (1985-1988)_x000D_
2. Member of Jordanian Geographic Society, Amman_x000D_
3. Member of editing of An Najah Research Journal Committee (1987 & 1996)_x000D_
4. Member of Association of American Geographers (1997)_x000D_
5. Member of West Bank Society of Reservation of Environment, Nablus (1994)_x000D_
6. Membership of Higher Council of Culture and Arts, Jenin, (Sept. 1998)_x000D_
7. General Secretary of 'Graduate Palestinian League', Palestine Authority
- British Council, Link Program, Durham University, England (Feb-June 1989)_x000D_
- Fulbright Fellowship, South Carolina, USA (1991-1992)_x000D_
- British Council Program, Sheffield University (1994)_x000D_
- (DAD) Scholarship, Erlangen, W. Germany (June-Sept. 1994)_x000D_
- (U
Organisation name
An Najah National University
Organisation city