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Independent experts nominated by country party

Maria de Fatima Espirito Santo Coelho

First name
Maria de Fatima
Last name
Espirito Santo Coelho
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Atmospheric Sciences
Climate change and adaptation
UN languages spoken



Job function
Climate and climate change
Telephone number
351 218 483961
Work experience
Projects of Wind Energy potencials and evaluation of wind energy concentration effects on regions of Portugal with complex topography project of patterns of climatic variability on meteorological_x000D_
information for development of renewable energy (WMO/UNDP) Medaws-Mediterranean Desertification and Land use (Epoch Programme)
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Master of sciences - specialization in Meteorology
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. J.P. Palutirof M. Conte, J. Casimiro Mendes, C.M. Goodes and F. Espirito Santo, 1996: Climatic Change, chapter 4, in Mediterranean Desertification and land use, pp. 43-86, eds. c. Jane Brand and John B. Thornes; John Wiley and sons, Great Britain._x000D_
2. Espirito Santo F and Bugalho, M. Lurdes. Climatic variability and desertification risk in Portugal . Poster presented in International Conference on Mediterranean Desertification: Crete._x000D_
3. Casimiro Mendes, J. and Espirito Santo F. 1994: Climatic Variability of Precipitation in Western Iberian Peninsula, Med. Working Paper._x000D_
4. Casimiro Mendes, J. and Espirito Sabto F, 1993: Climatic Variability in Continental Portugal. Quantitade de Precipitacao, grafic n° 4, INME, Lisbon, 158 pp._x000D_
5. Espirito Santo F. 1993.
Other activities
SBSTA - Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (of UNFCCC) - Delegate Member of the Commission for Climatology, CCL of WMO.
Organisation name
Meteorology Institut
Organisation street address
Rua C - Aeroporto, 1700
Organisation city
Organisation country