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Independent experts nominated by country party

Maria José Roxo

First name
Maria José
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Environmental Sciences
Natural Resource Management
UN languages spoken



Job function
Faculdade de CiênciasSociais e Humanas
Telephone number
351 217 957305/7933519
Work experience
Since 1990, I participated in the Medalus Project (Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use) as responsible scientist of the Portuguese research team. During the first two phases of the project (Medalus I and II) performed experimental field work for data collection and soil degradation monitoring. Particular attention to soil erosion quantification using erosion field photos (at Centre Exp. Erosao CV Formoso/Alentejo). Mapping of land use changes of the long run; Climatic and Vegetation Studies; Ecosystems regeneration on abandoned land; Fieldwork performed, on Lower Alentejo-Portugal (Mertola and Serpa) accomplishing deep knowledge and understanding of the area and its local people.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- Doctorate in Geography and Regional Planning - Environmental Resources Management - Human Impact on Soil Degradation Processes - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1994.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Roxo, MJ Casimoro, P. (1996): "Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use-Inner Lower Alentejo-Portugal"; ed. J.B. Thornes & Y. Brandt, J. Wiley & Sons._x000D_
2. Roxo, MJ, e Casimiro P. (1993) "A Monocultura Cerealifera no Baixo Alentejo Interior e o Processo de desertifiçao" in Seminario sobre la Desertification y l'a Utilizacion del Suclo en la Cuenca Mediterranea. Almeria._x000D_
3. Roxo, MJ (1994) "A acçao antropica no processo de degradaçao di Solos - A Serra de Serpa e Mértola. "Disserracio de Povoamente Univ. Nova de Lisboa, FESH 327p.
Other activities
Member of IGU; ESSE; Associaçao de Defesa do Patrimonio de Mértola (WWF and Life Programs).
Organisation name
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Organisation street address
Av. de Berna, 26 c, 1050
Organisation city
Organisation country