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Independent experts nominated by country party

Maria Nery Urquiza Rodríguez

First name
Maria Nery
Last name
Urquiza Rodríguez
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Soil Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Center for Environmental Information, Management and Educati
Telephone number
53 7 202 9351
Work experience
-Chemical analysis of soil, vegetation on fertilizers and the management of agrochemical laboratories_x000D_
-Leading programs of agrochemical research under laboratory, semi-laboratory conditions and fieldwork, with results that constitute scientific achievements of Cuban science_x000D_
-System of extension and introduction of scientific results on the productive practice and training farmer and producers to new agricultural technologies and their link to traditional technology_x000D_
-Effects over the environment of the antropic Acitivities, the effects of the use of industrial residuals of the sugar industry on the soils, and chemical and physical degradation of the soils_x000D_
-Regulation and protection of the watersheds and the salvaging and rehabilitation of the ecosystems affected by processes conducive to desertification_x000D_
-Coordinator of the National Group against desertification and drought, in charge creating the National Action Program. Secretary of Technical Advisory Group of National Council of
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
-Agronomy Engineer, Higher Institute of Agricultural Science, Havana Univ.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
-“Integrated Management of Watersheds on Republic of Cuba.” Report Workshop: Integrated management of freshwater, coastal areas and marine resources I small island developing states. Valeta, Malta, pp. 51-63 1997_x000D_
-“Traditional Technologies on Centroamerican and Caribbean Countries.” Report IV Conference Latin Américan and Caribbean of Desertification, St. John, Antigua pp. 22, 1998_x000D_
-“Environmental Diagnosis of the Cauto Watersheds.” Management and supervision Center, Habana City, 43 pp. 1997_x000D_
-“Policies and strategies to improve the practices and traditional knowledge to combat desertification.” First African – Latin America and Caribbean Forum of the International Convention to Combat Desertification on Draught. Recife, Brazil, pp. 15 1998_x000D_
-“National Report to IV Conference of the Parts to UNCCD and Draugh, CITMA, Havana city, 2000
Other activities
-Member of the Cuban Society of Soil Sciences_x000D_
-Member of the Cuban Society for the Protection on Environment_x000D_
-Member of the Federation of Cuban women_x000D_
-Consultant of the Secretaria of Desertification and Drought convention to Traditional Technology in Centroamérica and Caribbean, Guatemala and Nicaragua_x000D_
-Head of the Cuban Technical Mission of the protection of the Sain Andrews y Porvidence Island, Colombia_x000D_
-Consultant of the Secretariat of Desertification and Drought Convention to National Report on Republic Dominican, Nicaragua and Panama_x000D_
-Consultant of the UNCCD to National Program of Desertification and Drought on Venezuela, 2002
Organisation name
Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y Medio Ambiente
Organisation street address
4110, 20 rd Street,_x000D_
corner of 18 A, Miramar Playa, 10200
Organisation city
La Habana
Organisation country