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Independent experts nominated by country party

Marta Celina Sales

First name
Marta Celina
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Atmospheric Sciences
Job function
Assistant Professor
Telephone number
55 86 2332268
Work experience
- Associate researcher in the elaboration of the Zoneamento Geo-ambiental de Areas do Sertao Central (semi-arido) no Estado do Ceara (Geo-environmental Zoning of the Central Sertao of the State of Ceara), in Brazil, with field activities between 1986 and 1988._x000D_
- Principal researcher of the study on environmental degradation in the sub-humid area of Gilbues, in the State of Piaui, Brazil, involving field research between 1994 and 1996._x000D_
- Currently coordinator of the research project "Caracterizacao e Avaliacao da Desertificacao no Semi-Arido Piauiense", no Estado do Piaui, Brasil, with field research planned on the period August 1998 until July 2000.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Master of Science, Physical Geography, Universidade de Sao Paulo, 1998_x000D_
Specialization in Ecology, Universidade Federal do Ceara, 1988_x000D_
Bachelor in Geography, Universidade Estadual do Ceara, 1986
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Sales, M.C.L. 1998. Estudo da Degradacao Ambiental em Gilbues. Reavaliando o Nucleo de Desertificacao. Dissertacao de Mestrado. Departemento de Geografia da Universidade de Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo, Brasil._x000D_
2. Sousa, M.J.N. (coord.), Sales, M.C.L. et al. 1977. Zoneamento Amviental das Apa's Serra da Tabtibga e Chapada das Mangabeiras nos Estados do Tocantins, Maranhao e Piaui. Relatorio Tecnico. FNMA/MMA/FURPA. Teresina, Brasil._x000D_
3. Rodrigues, V. (coord.), Sales M.C.L. et al. 1995. Avaliacao do Quadro da Desertificacao no Nordeste do Brasil. Diagnostico e Perspectivas. In: Gomes, G.M. (org.) . Desenvolvimento Sustentavel no Nordeste. Ipea. Brasilia, Brasil._x000D_
4. Oliveira, J.G.B. (coord.), Sales, M.C.L. et al. (1989). Zoneamento Geo-Ambiental de Areas do Sertao Central-Ceara. Relatorio Tecnico. CNPq-PDCT/NE. Fortaleza, Brasil._x000D_
5. Oliveira, J.G.B. (coord.), Sales, M.C.L. et al. 1988. Zoneamento Geo-Ambiental da Regiao de Canindé/Ceara. Relatorio Tecnico. CNPq-PD
Other activities
- Graduate student (PhD level) at the Universidade de Sao Paulo_x000D_
- Researcher at the Tropen - Nucleo de Referencia em Ciencias ambientais do Tropico Ecotonal do Nordeste do Brasil_x000D_
- Researcher staff of the Waves - Water availability, vulnerability of Ecosystems and Society in Northern Brazil, International cooperation among CNPq/BMBF (Germany)_x000D_
- Member of the Brazilian Geographical Association -AGB_x000D_
- Member of Fundacao Rio Parnaiba
Organisation name
Universidade Federal de Piaui
Organisation street address
Av. Universitaria 1310, Teresina, CEP 64049-550
Organisation city
Organisation country